The nature of my job makes neck strain a common problem. Unfortunately most of the hospital beds and cardiac tables are old and cannot be adjusted to height. So we are often forced to work in a hunched position for a long period. In the outpatient clinics, we are needed to sit for long periods and write lengthy and repetitive documentations about patients’ health conditions. Due to the sheer number of patients, we don’t even have time to stretch.

It’s heavenly to come home and receive this great gift from Sneapy- a home neck massager! Just the right tool to wind ourselves down after a long day at work!

Sneapy is an online platform that sells various creative home solutions as well as innovative gift ideas. I have reviewed Sneapy gift cards- great to record and send your wishes to others online. Read my previous post here.

This intelligent cervical vertebrae massage instrument comes in an A4 sized box like this.


The back of the box explained what the product actually does.

-Electric impulse massage mode

-Heat moxibustion

-Magnetic effect

-High frequency vibration massage

-Annular traction

These are the correct technical terms of how the massager can help to relax the neck muscles as well as to improve blood circulation. It also helps to relieve neck stiffness.


Unboxing the neck massager reveals this following cool components

– the massager

– a graphic manual of use

– USB charging cable

– extension cables and sticky pads for upper back massage

– aloe vera gel

– remote control

– spare mercury battery


The designs of the neck massager is sleek. It’s easy to grip, not too bulky or heavy to hold in the hand.

How to use the instrument?

Firstly switch on the massager. The button is at the bottom of the device. I love the elegant slit blue light indicating the product is switched on.


Attach the massager to the neck. Make sure the buttons are facing the floor.

It’s important to note that for the device to function properly, the neck needs to be free from things such as necklaces. Wet the back of the neck with warm towel/the aloe vera gel provided so the metal electrodes are directly adhered to the back of the neck. Just like how it’s shown in the photo. Or else the massager may not work properly. Worse even, the impulses delivered may feel like tiny doses of sharp electric shocks to the neck.


This is how big the massager looks like when it’s on my neck.

The following parameters can be adjusted while enjoying the neck massage using the remote control. I’ll suggest to start with low levels whole accustoming yourself to the function of the massager.


– Strength of impulses

– Strength of massage

– Duration of massage (In minutes)

– Level of local heat application

– Frequency of vibration


Since it’s so lightweight, the neck massager can be brought along while traveling and give a good neck massage during long distance driving. It really helps because I get bad neck strains focusing too much on the road for long hours. Just setup the device before you start driving. It’s hands free otherwise.

We all know how relaxing a massage is and can lull people to sleep. But please do not wear this massager to sleep or wear it in the shower because it’s nevertheless an electronic device. It may be dangerous to do so.


Ran out of battery? No worries. The device, once charged using the USB cable attached, can work up to 2 hours. This is more than enough for a hands free and mobile massage session.


Just having a neck massage is not enough because I often get upper back muscles strain too. That’s due to my bad habit of hunching both standing or seated. What’s beautiful about this device is that 2 extra sticky reusable electrodes can be attached to the upper back or even your forearms to extend the massage to those areas.

Interested to grab one of these trendy next massagers? It’s a great gift for yourself, your spouse and also your parents. Father’s day is coming up soon. So if you have been gifting one too many ties or watches, maybe it’s time to consider something cool yet practical like this neck massager.

Sneapy Neck Massager Official Link


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