3 In 1 Portable Heating Waist Belt Pad

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5 seconds to heat up, relieve the soreness of waist and abdomen during menstrual period, can also be used to warm hands, can also be used as a power bank, the material is dirt-resistant and easy to wash

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What a cute little bear!

Huh? Why did you wrap yourself in a “little quilt”?

It turns out that it is a hand warmer and a belt warmer.

Tied to the waist, it can warm the lower abdomen.

In the few days when the girl comes to menstruation, it will inevitably be so painful that it will accompany it to help you relieve the backache and abdominal pain, and the whole person will feel a lot easier.

The temperature rises quickly, and you can feel the warmth in about 5 seconds.

Usually the lower abdomen is cold, you can also use it to warm up.

The temperature can reach up to about 55°C. It feels warm after wearing it, and the lower abdomen is super comfortable!

And it also has two temperature adjustments, which is much smarter than the patch-type warmer, and it is also environmentally friendly.

Hold it in your hand and it can warm your hands!

It is also a power bank!

The capacity of 5000mAh, which is carried with you, is enough to cope with the sudden situation of the phone temporarily out of power, which is very powerful.

When heating up/charging the phone, the bear’s face will be flushed, and he looks very shy, so cute!

It’s very small, and it’s can easily carried in a bag, and it doesn’t take up much space.

It’s so convenient to warm your abdomen, warm your hands, and recharge.

Valentine’s day is coming soon, you might as well give it as a gift to someone you care about. It’s warm and considerate~

How it works?

Let’s take a look at how this little cutie works.

The left side of the picture above is a power bank, and the long one is a heating piece.

There are 4 magnetic buckles on the back of the power bank.

Fit the magnetic buckle of the power bank with the corresponding ones on the heating sheet. When you warm your hands or abdomen, the power bank will conduct electricity to the heating sheet.

The heating sheet has built-in graphene, which will heat up quickly after power on, and it will heat up quickly in 5 seconds.

No wired connection is required, which is very convenient.

The heating area is large enough, about 22cm long and 10cm wide, to fully warm the lower abdomen that is prone to pain during menstruation.

The heating sheet and the belt are made of Lycra fabric (that is, spandex fiber), which is smooth to the touch and resistant to dirt.

You can also move the tropical part to the back waist to warm the sore waist, which is more comfortable.

The usage is very simple

When warming the waist and abdomen, first suck the power bank on the heating sheet.

Then, stick the two Velcro on the back of the heating sheet to the corresponding Velcro on the belt.

Like this, pass one end of the waistband through the gap of the heating sheet, adjust it to your comfortable tightness, and stick it firmly.

The length of the waistband is 88cm.

Note: When worn on the body, it is recommended to use it with a thin layer of clothing for better performance.

The switch is at the bottom of the power bank. When it is turned on, press the switch once to default to the high temperature range, and press the switch again to adjust to the low temperature range.

The high temperature range is about 55℃, which can effectively relieve menstrual discomfort;

The low temperature range is about 45℃, which is more suitable for daily hand warming and belly warming.


When you want to warm your hands, just use this heating piece alone, wrap the bear power bank, press the switch, and hold it with your hand.

When the power bank is fully charged, it can continue to heat up for 3 to 4 hours when you warm your hands/abdomen.

It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the power bank. When charging, the red face of the bear will flash, which is very cute.

The package contains: power bank, heating pad, belt, manual, charging cable.

The heating sheet and belt can be washed with water, so you are not afraid of getting dirty.

Note: Please wash gently by hand.

Gift box packaging, pink and tender, very delicate.

Product Specification

Product size:

Power bank 4.8cm×11.8cm×3cm (length×height×width)
heating sheet 26.5cm×10cm (length×width)
belt 3.7cm×88cm (width×length)




Power bank – ABS resin, heating sheet, belt – Lycra

Battery capacity:


Charging type:


Charging period:

3-5 hours

Usage period:

3-4 hours

Heating temperature:



1. It is forbidden to pull or fold the waist belt excessively to prevent wrinkles or damage

2. Do not use the high temperature gear directly against the skin for a long time to avoid physical discomfort or burns

3. This product is not allowed to be exposed to the sun, close to fire sources, corrosive liquids and various unfavorable environments

4. The correct position and direction relationship of the host machine adsorbed on the belt of the warm palace is: the bear’s head is facing upwards and is located on the left side of the front of the belt After being worn on the body, it should be on the right side of the body. The product can only work normally if it is properly adsorbed

5. Before use, make sure that the host is firmly attached to the belt. When you press and hold the power button to turn on, if the indicator light continues to flash Flashing means that the host is not properly adsorbed, readjust the adsorption state and press and hold again to turn it on.

Care instructions:

If you need to clean, please remove the main unit first, and then manually clean the belt with a damp cloth or clean water.

If you need to machine wash, be sure to Put the belt in the laundry bag and then put it in the washing machine to clean, and make sure to use the gentle mode;

After washing, you must wait for the waistband to dry completely before opening it. It cannot be used when it is not completely dry.

What’s inside the box:

Power bank, heating pad, belt, charging cable, manual,

Brand name:



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