A Thermos Cup That Opens in 1 Sec


Open & close the lid with one hand in 1 sec, 18 hours of heat preservation and cold preservation, fully sealed and leak-proof, 2 specifications, 10 colors available

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This model is available in 355ml and 592ml specifications.

Recommend to you a very interesting vacuum flask from the American brand Revomax.

The design of the lid is very special, and I keep play it when I get it in my hand.

Press the lid of the cup once to open the lid to get the water out.

After being buckled, the lid of the cup seemed to “suck” the body of the cup, and it will closed instantly.

Open and lock the lid in one second, all can be done with one hand.

Most of the common cups have threads on the mouth, and the opening and closing of the cup cover basically depends on “twisting”.

It requires both hands to do it, which is time-consuming and effort.

When twisted wrongly, the cover will loose easily and leak water.

This cup has no threads, so the open is much simpler.

Press the 3 buttons in the red circle at the same time to pull out the lid directly.

Pull the inner ring once, and the lid will automatically lock, and it will be fastened in one second.

You can hang the lid on your fingers while opening the lid, and everything can be do with one hand, super smooth.

Quite suitable for car use, no need to leave the steering wheel with both hands, which make drinking water is quick and safe.

Without the threads in the lid still can be closed tightly.

There are two large buckets of 5L water (10kg) hung on the lid of the cup, which will not be pulled off and is very stable.

Fully sealed design, you can safely put it in the bag.

Don’t be afraid that the lid switch is pressed by the contents of the bag and accidentally opened.

The lid can be only opened by pressing the 3 buttons at the same time, and pressing the outer 2 buttons is useless.

The button in the middle is hidden in the lid of the cup. It is design not to touched by mistake.

The test environment is 22~24℃ room temperature

The heat preservation performance is really good, it can be used in all seasons.

95 ℃ hot water, after 18 hours the water temperature is still 55.8 ℃.

4℃ cold water, after 18 hours the water temperature is 13.4℃.

The picture on the left is taken from ifworlddesignguide.com

Such interesting and easy-to-use cups are also favored by the International Design Awards.

It won the iF Home Style Award in 2016.

Note: iF Design Award, a famous German design award.

Good design, popular everywhere

Source from Instagram

This vacuum flask is really new and very popular in Japan and Korea.

Source from wadiz.kr

Once achieved the goal with a completion rate of 3581% on the Korean crowdfunding platform wadiz.

Source from greenfunding.jp

The completion rate of crowdfunding in Japan is also as high as 2233%.

Source from the September 2019 issue of BEGIN

With its stylish appearance and practical design, this vacuum flask has also been featured in Japanese fashion magazines.

“BEGIN” once recommended it and rated it as the TOP2 of the “With it, enjoy summer a hundred times” list.

On a hot day, there is always ice water at hand to drink, open the lid in one second, and drink freely. It’s cool!

The design is neat and simple, and the matte shell is full of texture, which is really beautiful.

It belongs to a more versatile style. Very suitable for daily commuting and outdoor sports uses.

There are 2 specifications, which are easy to use in different scenarios.

355ml (right), the capacity is a bit larger than a can of Coke (330ml), the bottle is compact and cute.

592ml (left), like 355ml, is more suitable for daily carrying, and enough water to drink for half a day.

There are many colors to choose from, 2 specifications, each with 10 colors.


The essence of this thermos cup can be said to be on the lid of this cup.

For a small lid, there are many details worth talking about.

There is no thread on the mouth of the cup, and the seal is entirely by the silicone sleeve in the lid (pictured on the right).

Change to a transparent cup, the structure change of the cup lid looks more obvious.

Pull on the inner ring, lock the lid of the cup, and the silicone sleeve will tighten upwards, and the bottom circle is against the cup mouth as the first layer of sealing protection.

The protruding part of the red frame at the top, after being inserted into the lid, can be sealed to serve as a second layer of sealing protection.

Relying on the double-layer sealing design, it can ensure that the cup does not leak water and has a long-term temperature lock.


The thermos cup is sealed and stored for a long time, and there will be a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cup, and the lid is easy to be sucked and cannot be opened.

It needs to be solved by exhausting. There is a vent hole at the bottom of the lid, which can balance the internal and external air pressure at the moment of opening the lid, helping to open the lid smoothly.

The picture on the right is from internet

For the decompression and exhaust effect, we did an experiment with soda.

The air-filled liquid in a sealed bottle often has an unbalanced air pressure and lead to “explosion” when opening the bottle (pictured on the right).

Pour Coke into this cup, close the lid and shake, nothing happens after opening the lid, the exhaust effect is superb!


Except for the silicone ring, the lid is made of PP material, which is wear-resistant and durable.

The parts are detachable for easy cleaning.

Press the 3 buttons on the lid to unlock, and separate the parts according to the order shown in the figure.

The installation method is shown.


The cup body is made of 304 stainless steel, with a double-layer structure, which is very solid.

There is a vacuum state between the two layers, blocking internal and external convection and heat dissipation, so it has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation.

The inner tank is also plated with copper to enhance the heat preservation effect.

The caliber is 49mm, which is big enough and it is not difficult to put ice cubes.

The cup mouth is smooth and there is no thread, so there is no need to worry about the liquid volume in the seam and it is difficult to clean.

Straight barrel type bottle body, no dead angle, easy to clean.

Size reference, from left to right: 592ml, 355ml.

Product Specification



Product size:

355ml – 75mm × 203mm

592ml – 75mm × 270mm


355ml, 592ml

Product weight:

355ml – 274g

592ml – 349g


Cup body – 304 stainless steel

Cup Lid – PP, Silicone

What’s inside the box:

Insulation cup×1, manual×1


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