Body Hair Shaver

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Want to wear sleeveless shirt?

No problem! A quick and pain-free way to remove unwanted body hair

Body Hair Shaver 3 - Sneapy

Simplicity design

When you open the package, the texture is like a small cherry blossom soap.

Body Hair Shaver 4 - Sneapy

Easy to use

Unlock the package safely in 3 seconds, you don’t need to remove the white cover on the shaver. You can start shave directly.

Body Hair Shaver 5 - Sneapy

Painless shaving

R-Shaped cutter head making smooth contact with the skin.

Body Hair Shaver 6 - Sneapy

Shave accurately

Middle knife net has an ultra-thin mesh surface, which is better fits the skin. The arched knife mesh can fluctuate with the contour of the skin and shave accurately.

Body Hair Shaver 7 - Sneapy

Safe to use

Even if you shave in front of the mirror, as long as you continue to maintain 90 ° with the skin, there will be no pain, And after using it, there will be no small black spots left.

Body Hair Shaver 8 - Sneapy


You will feel great after shaving, it is really gentle and non-irritating.

When the hair grows again, there is no itching, redness, etc.

Body Hair Shaver 9 - Sneapy

IPX7 Waterproof

When cleaning, just hold the metal comb teeth on both sides and pull it upwards. Rinse it with water.

Inside the package, there is also a small brush, which is used for water-free cleaning.

Body Hair Shaver 10 - Sneapy

Anti-slip design

The cover is made of matte material, it is designed for you not slip down when you shave.

It is very convenient to take it on business trips and travel, and it won’t touch the boot by mistake.

Body Hair Shaver 11 - Sneapy

Type-C charging port

It is a Type-C charging port, which can be used in same cable with Android phones.

It can be fully charged in 1 hour and can be used for 60 minutes. 

Good quality and low price, very high cost performance, very intimate to use.

Body Hair Shaver 12 - Sneapy

Product Specification

Product brand:


Product size:

87mm * 63mm * 28mm

Product model:


Product weight:


Product material:


Charging type:

Type-C USB

Charging period:

1 hour

Usage period:

1 hour



Body Hair Shaver 13 - SneapyBody Hair Shaver 14 - Sneapy


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