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Romantic and exotic, jute midsole, open toe, breathable and comfortable, dry and not stuffy, flexible and non-slip

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Wearing cotton slippers during this hot weather will sweat easily after walking a few steps

It’s time to breathe your feet with this slipper from Oksoo

The air is convective in the shoes and reaches a state of “ventilation”, and the feet can finally breathe freely.

Stepping into it, the soles of your feet are in close contact with the midsole made of jute, and the touch is slightly cool and delicate, like fine sand massaging the soles of your feet, so comfortable!

The Bohemian style let this pair of slipper have a little romantic and unruly exotic style.

Bright colors collide and extend on the upper. The seemingly irregular patterns are not chaotic, but orderly in chaos, while expressing individuality, they are unexpectedly harmonious and unified.


My feet bored all day in sneakers and leather shoes, when I got home, I couldn’t wait to get into its cool embrace.

The feet were released freely, and it seemed a bit reluctant to lie down on the bed.

For me, it has a long companionship cycle and is very durable.

Get into it and feel comfortable, breathable and moisture-absorbing

I have to admit that when I first got it, I was hit by its bright bohemian style design.

When I wore it, the inner comfort is even more impressive.

In the choice of slippers, we prefer is more breathable and comfortable materials.

And the midsole of this pair of slippers, which is the side that is in contact with the sole, replaces the jute material, which is the key to refreshing and not stuffy.


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The jute in the midsole is a textile woven from jute fibers. It belongs to bast fiber, which is the same as flax.

It is extracted from the outer skin or inner skin of jute. It has high toughness, strong tensile force, abrasion resistance and durability. It is often used to make sacks, ropes, carpets, and so on.

Try to bend the slippers to easily dent an “n” shape, loosen it, and quickly return to its original appearance, not easily deformed.

Full of flexibility and elasticity, you can see how durable the midsole made of jute is and not easy to break.

There are a lot of pores between the jute fibers, which give the slippers good moisture absorption, and the absorbed sweat can be emitted through the pores.

The open toe cap makes it breathable and does not cover the feet. Even if the soles of the feet sweat, they will not be sticky and keep your feet dry.

The slippers are of the same style for men and women. The women’s styles are available in orange and green, and the men’s styles are available in red and blue. They can also be worn as couple shoes.

Such comfortable and beautiful slippers can be worn in pairs with your beloved one.

Bright orange, fresh green, and mellow brown are mixed together, and then blended into a bit of pure white, not overly gorgeous, nor overly elegant.

On the contrary, there is an extra layer of gentleness and elegance in the romantic and exotic atmosphere.


The whole design is mainly green, dotted with clean white and bright orange, and the whole pair of slippers glows with clean and fresh colors.

After applying this color, the skin will appear whiter, and it must be refined from head to toe at home.

The blue in front of you is very special.

Splicing white and light brown from different shades of blue to the right balance of fashion and depth of blue makes it more vivid and lighter.


Red is in front of bright mint green, and the bright smell of red is weakened. It has both red publicity and freshness of mint green, stylish and generous.


The soles are heightened, stepping into a somewhat damp bathroom, the raised sole prevents water stains from splashing into the shoes, and it surrounds you when dry.

The sole is made of EVA material, coupled with a non-slip texture design, which additionally increases the friction of the sole.

It’s safer to walk and won’t slip easily even when you come out of the bathroom.

The slippers are the same styles for men and women. The women’s styles are available in orange and green, and the men’s styles are available in red and blue.

The size is divided into 5 sizes, 36-37 , 38-39, 40-41 , 42-43, and 44-45.

For details, please refer to the picture above.

Note: The size chart comes from the merchant, for reference only

Product Specification

Product size:

36-37 – 250mm
38-39 – 260mm
40-41 – 270mm
42-43 – 280mm
44-45 – 290mm




Jute, EVA



Brand name:


What’s inside the box:

Bohemian Slipper× 1 pair


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