Dual Purpose Foldable Electric Fan

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The king of performance & price in electric fans! Enough air volume, comfortable, wireless design, can also be used outdoors, 2 colors are available

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The weather is getting hotter and hotter. An electric fan is urgently needed. The requirements are:

Comfortable and light, don’t make me worry about storage and don’t be too expensive…;

Finally, my colleagues responded quickly and found me this magical fan that perfectly met my requirements.

It comes from the brand “edon” and is very cleverly designed, foldable and stretchable.

When folded, it is as big as the washbasin in your home, and when you push it up, it becomes a desktop electric fan.

Huh? It seems a little short?

I pull, I pull, I pull again… It turns out that the height of this fan is nearly 1 meter!

After adjusting the height and not plugging in the power.

I pressed the switch casually, and it started blowing.

It turns out that it is still used wirelessly! This way, you can use it for picnics, camping, and so on.

Regardless of its size, the volume of air it blows should not be underestimated.

In hot weather, it immediately becomes cool as soon as you open it, and the body is very refreshing.

The table top and the ground are dual-purpose, so it is very flexible to use!

The head of the fan can rotate 360° and can stay at any angle.

When it’s hottest, you can put it upside down and place it next to the air conditioner, so that the cool breeze from the air conditioner can be delivered to the entire room, making it even cooler.

Often sweating when cooking.

Put it on the kitchen stove, not only refreshing the whole person, but also help to dispel oily smoke.

It also fits on the desk.

Because of the epidemic, many office buildings have not yet turned on central air-conditioning, and the whole person wearing masks is bored. I really don’t know what to do in the office during this hot weather.

Just have it! I was sweating on the commute, and when I opened it at the company, it was very comfortable~

When not in use, just adjust it to the shortest length first, then gently lift the support rod, press it down, and fold it.

Just find a gap, the drawer can fit in, out of sight and out of mind.

Available in two colors: green and white.

The green one is very beautiful, reminiscent of the summer forest; the white one is fresh and simple, which better integrates into the home environment.

To be honest, when the editor and the photographer were shooting this fan, several colleagues came to ask.

After I introduced them to its unique skills, they were all ready to place orders.

“I like it best when it can be used without plugging in, so that it’s cool to go camping or picnic, and it doesn’t take up much space when it’s folded and placed in the car.” ——Jared, a colleague who loves going out when nothing is wrong

“The fan at home has been used for several years, and I have been preparing to change it, but I haven’t seen a suitable one. This retractable design is great, suitable for renters, and there is no burden to move.”-Angie, a colleague who likes to try new stuff.

The package contains 1 fan, charging cable, remote control, and manual.

The fan does not need to be assembled. After receiving it, it can be used after being stretched out, which is very convenient.

There are a total of 4 buttons in the control area, making the control easy and simple.

The two buttons on the left side of the above picture are: timing and swing; the two buttons on the right are: switch and air volume adjustment.

There are 5 levels of adjustable air volume, and the current air volume will be displayed on the black screen.

The air volume of gears 1~4 increases sequentially.

Level 1 is the softest, suitable for use when it is not too hot or before going to bed;

The 4th gear has the strongest wind, and it is super cool when it is the hottest.

The 5th gear is baby style, suitable for families with babies and the elderly. As the name suggests, the blowing wind is softer, rhythmic, and friendly to the body.

The timer can be 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes, and it will automatically shut down when time is up.

The 5 blades of the fan can cut the wind more delicately and softly, without feeling harsh when blowing on the body.

Coupled with a shroud, it can bring a feeling like natural wind.

Using a brushless motor, it runs quietly, and it doesn’t feel noisy when you’re sleeping.

Press the swing button, and it will rotate on the spot, sending the cool wind to all directions in the house.

There is also a remote control.

When it is inconvenient to get up, you can use the remote control to adjust the air volume, timing, and make the fan swing.

Note: When using the remote control function for the first time, you need to press the fan’s “swing” and “timing” buttons and the “air volume adjustment” button on the remote control at the same time when the fan is turned on to pair the remote control with the fan .

The remote control can be sucked on the fan when it is not in use, which is very suitable for people with little hands and feet like me, and don’t worry about losing it.

The shell is made of ABS material, which is super light and its own weight is only about 1.5kg. There is no pressure to move with one hand.

Exercise at home, eat hot pot… Move it to wherever it is hot for emergency!

The fan has a built-in 8000mAh battery. After being fully charged, the fan will blow the air at the lowest level and can be used continuously for about 7 to 15 hours.

When the battery is almost out, the display will prompt you that the battery is low and it is time to charge. It takes about 8 hours to fully charge.

When using it at home or in the office, if you find it troublesome to charge, or always worry about whether the battery is about to run out, you can also connect the fan to the power supply, plug it in, and blow the air.

The dimensions of each posture are shown in the figure above for your reference.

Note: This electric fan has no additional humidification function.

Product Specification

Product size:

Folded form: 25.2cm × 14cm
Desktop form: 25.2cm × 48.5cm
Vertical form: 25.2cm× 93.5cm





Battery capacity:


Control method:

Button control/ remote control

Timer function:

Support 30-60-90 minutes,3 type time period timing

Wind gear:

5 gear

Air distance:


Swing angle:

90° folding storage, 120° swing head

Time required to fully charge:

8 hours



Cable cord length:

Cable – 1.5 meters

With the adapter – 1.6 meters

What’s inside the box:

Fan, remote control, charging head, USB power cord, manual, warranty card


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