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A tribute to the great design of “Dyson Sphere”, 4 colors are available, with excellent appearance, sound quality and texture, and super cost-effective

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Freeman Dyson, Bi, mathematician and writer

A Quantum Electric Shaker, a close friend of Yang Zhenning In 1960, an episode called Freeman Dyson proposed a bright future:

In future, human beings can use huge solar panels to connect the energy output from the sun and make use of the use on the earth.

This idea has a specific name: Dyson Sphere.

In his vision, in order to create the Dyson Sphere, humans may have to dismantle a hapless planet in order to save enough construction materials.

The Dyson Sphere theory is like a key,  it open up your mind.

Later, after a serious analysis of this idea, people even proposed new versions of Dyson Cloud, Dyson Shell, and Dyson Bubble.

Human beings have always been creatures with no lack of imagination. The heaven, earth, and sea that were once a fantasy hundreds of years ago have now become reality.

On February 28, 2020, Freeman Dyson past away at the age of 96, leaving behind an unfinished vision of the universe.

And there is a brand called “SONGX” that condenses the vision of Dyson Sphere into a pair of true wireless headphones.

This headset is shaped like a Dyson Sphere to pay tribute to Freeman Dyson.

The metal structure on the outside of the headset symbolizes the solar panel surrounding the sun.

At this moment, what you are holding in your hand may be a hot star.

Hold it in your hand and push it to open. It turns like an asteroid or a star, and the radius of the universe is in your hands.

In particular, the outer ring of metal material has a delicate and shiny touch, which also renders the future sci-fi sense.

This headset, which symbolizes the universe and the future, has been crowdfunded on the well-known overseas website indiegogo.

The crowdfunding finally raised RM1.12 million, which is a very good result.

People who bought it may also be using this method to crowdfund the future Dyson Sphere.

There are a total of 4 colors of earphones, each of which is particularly cool, so cool that I thought it was a headset designed by visitors from the universe and humans on earth.

Not only the design is outstanding, the performance of this headset is also hard-core enough:

• 6mm Hi-Fi level high-performance speakers are used, and the sound quality is good enough;

• The earplugs plug the ears and have a certain passive noise reduction effect;

• Both ears are the main earphones, either side can be used alone;

• Wireless charging, long battery life, IPX5 waterproof;

• Bluetooth 5.0 low energy, stable connection performance.

This wireless headphones with such a design and texture are just the price of ordinary cheap headphones? !

The earphones have a built-in 6mm diameter high-performance neodymium iron boron magnet, with professional composite diaphragm materials, the earphones have excellent performance, and have a Hi-Fi level music experience.

The R&D team has 15 years of international acoustic brand tuning experience, and has been carefully tuned hundreds of times.

The treble part is clear and translucent, the bass part is strong and powerful, and the sound is pure and free of noise. It is more enjoyable to listen to songs with it.

Using Bluetooth 5.0, low power consumption, stable connection, reduce the sound delay between the ears.

After pairing with the mobile phone, it will automatically connect to the mobile phone every time after opening the box.

All you have to do is take it out of the earphone compartment.

Most of the previous true wireless earphones are the right ear as the main earphone, so it is a fantasy to want to use the left ear alone.

SONGX headset supports smart master-slave headset switching, just take out one is the master headset.

The one with the red dot on the earphone is the left ear. You can use both of them together, or use either side alone.

The shape of the headset is an arc-shaped curve that is repeatedly adjusted, using a scientific 3-point ergonomic support design.

It’s very stable in your ears, and you can’t shake it violently.

Not only the sound is good, but the ear part can also have a certain noise reduction effect.

The noise reduction methods of headphones on the market are divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction.

Active noise reduction relies on the chip in the headset to cancel the noise with reverse sound waves, but this type of headset is generally more expensive;

Passive noise reduction relies on earplugs to plug the ears to isolate external sounds.

Its passive noise reduction is great, and it the effect is not losing to the active noise reduction.

After putting it on, the noise coming from your side will be blocked by earplugs.

There is reduce a lot of noise in the sound you hear, so you can listen to the music in the earphone more attentively and enjoy the music.

What’s more cool is that the headset also has a “Halo” personalized lighting effect.

The X on the headset is very similar to the eyes of the trendy brand KAWS cartoon image. The whole feeling is that it is not only a headset, but also a trendy brand accessory.

The headset uses an advanced gravity sensor to achieve gesture control. Double-tap and triple-tap on the headset will have different effects.

Whether you are making a call or controlling the start and stop of music, you don’t even need to dig out your mobile phone, just tap the headset to complete it.

Some earphones have different functions on the left and right ears, but this also makes the operation complicated and difficult to remember.

The operation mode of the left and right ears of this headset is the same, which is convenient for memory function and does not need to be too complicated.

One of the futuristic sense of the headset comes from the metal ring of its shell.

The metal ring is made of aluminum alloy and integrated processing technology, and the surface of the stainless steel is made of MIM polishing, sandblasting, anodizing and other processes.

Therefore, the metal ring is stronger than ordinary plastic materials, lower in weight than other stainless steel materials, and has a particularly good texture.

The ear shell parts are processed through more than 10 processes such as mixing, mold forming, degreasing, sintering, and manual polishing, with a dazzling luster.

Holding it in your hand doesn’t feel like it’s just a headset, it’s more like an exquisite handicraft.

You can also use it like this, which can unexpectedly obtain a certain decompression effect.

The battery life of a single headset is 5 hours, and when used with the charging compartment, the total battery life can reach 25 hours.

The charging box supports Type-C charging, which can be fully charged in 2 hours.

It also supports wireless charging.

Using Qi wireless charging protocol, it can be charged on the charging board, and it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.

The earphone is designed with a waterproof structure and is IPX5 waterproof, which can resist rain and sweat. (The earphone box is not waterproof)

Each earphone weighs only 5 grams, which is as light as nothing.

When worn in the ear, it fits the ear canal very well without the feeling of ear bulging.

There are also 2 pairs of silicone ear caps of different sizes in the package, which are suitable for different people.

The SONGX headset is just a design that pays tribute to the universe and the future. At the moment when humans’ understanding of the universe is only the tip of the iceberg, it is exquisite and mysterious.

We will call the unknown world the future, but no one can tell whether this future will come or be the future.

Even if the future is unpredictable, you can feel the future through it.

Product Specification

Product size:

55.7mm × 21mm


ABS, PC, metal, etc.

Product weight:

Single earphone – 5g

Headphone box – 57g

Wearing method:


Bluetooth version:


Transmission distance:


Waterproof level:






Charging interface:


Bluetooth music decoding:


Battery capacity:


Charging period:

Wired charging – 2 hours
Wireless charging – 2.5 hours

Usage period:

The headset lasts for 5 hours, with a charging compartment, it can last for a total of 25 hours

What’s inside the box:

Earphone×1, silicone earmuffs×2 pairs, data cable×1, manual×1


1 year


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