Foaming Toilet Cleaner


A lot of bubbles burst out in an instant, without brushing by hand, the toilet becomes clean by itself, decontamination, antibacterial, and odor removal

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Of all the housework, I am most afraid of flushing the toilet.

It is really difficult to brush, there are so many corners and corners, and there are always one or two dead corners that cannot be brushed, making you crazy.

Really don’t want to brush the toilet, can you make it clean on its own?

Probably because there are too many lazy people with the same voice, there is really a good thing to make the toilet clean by itself – the toilet bubble clean, from the cleaning brand “MazMac”.

Pour it in, no need to brush, the toilet cleans itself!

Really easy right?

The picture above shows the bubble effect of the “Extra Bubble Pack”

The reason why it is called “foaming bubble cleaner” is because it is really all bubbles.

It was originally in powder form, and when it was poured into the toilet, it would instantly burst into a lot of bubbles and quickly fill the interior of the toilet.

Images are accelerated

We used a glass jar to simulate the state of the bubbles being poured into the toilet.

As soon as it touched the water, dense bubbles spewed out immediately, quite like a small volcanic eruption. When I used it for the first time, I was also surprised by this formation.


And the bubbles are almost pervasive, even the U-shaped area on the inner side of the toilet and the bottom of the toilet, which is difficult to brush every day, can be covered, leaving no dead corners for cleaning.

After pouring in the foaming toilet cleaner, you don’t need to use a brush, the bubble will dissolve the stain by itself.

The chlorine-containing cleaning ingredients in the bubbles can deeply disintegrate the dirt, and the urine and black dirt that are difficult to brush can be eliminated by it.

Note: For particularly thick dirt, you may need to use it several times or prolong the waiting time when cleaning it for the first time. It is recommended to turn on the exhaust fan before going to work or before going to bed at night.


Compared with before and after use, the dirt in the U-shaped area at the bottom of the toilet is significantly less without the toilet brush.

This is the most difficult area for toilet cleaning. Because the arc is too large, no matter how much you poke the toilet brush, it will leave dead corners, but it is easy to accumulate stains here, and it will turn yellow if you don’t brush it for a few days, which is very ugly.

Now, as long as you use it to soak it every once in a while, the annoying dirt can be washed away by itself, which is more than a little convenient.


The test report is only for the samples submitted for inspection

In addition to easy operation and good stain removal, it can also effectively inhibit bacteria.

After testing, under the experimental conditions, its antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus reached 99.98%.

Decontamination and sterilization at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

Once the dirt and bacteria are removed, the toilet odor is gone.

It also gives you a white as new toilet and a fresh and refreshing toilet space.

Because it is a brush-free cleaner, you need to give the bubbles some time to react.

It is recommended to wait 30 minutes to 2 hours to flush out the bubbles, and leave it overnight for better results.

Does not hurt the toilet glaze

The toilet cleaner I used in the past, not to mention the smell, also needs to be continuously brushed with the toilet brush.

Over time, the glaze of the toilet will be damaged, the surface of the toilet may become dull, and the dirt will become more and more easily attached.

The Foaming Toilet Cleaning from MazMac is a neutral ingredient and has little irritation to the toilet glaze. Moreover, it is a brush-free type, which avoids the damage to the glaze surface caused by the scrubbing brush.

The main components of this toilet cleaner are foaming agents, high-efficiency sterilizers containing chlorine components, and surfactants.

Foaming agent is to make it into bubbles, surfactants can remove stains, and sterilizers containing chlorine can eliminate some harmful bacteria and remove odors.

Foaming Toilet Cleaner will have some detergent smell during use, you can open the window or open the ventilation fan for a while.

A box of 5 packs (40g/pack), this is a Regular Pack, one pack at a time, suitable for daily cleaning.

Regular Pack can reach the toilet water level, which is also where the toilet is easily dirty.

It is recommended to use it once every 2 weeks, and it can basically achieve a good cleaning effect.

Extra Bubble Pack (240g/pack)

The bubbles in the Extra Bubble Pack can fill the toilet, and the water outlet on the upper edge of the toilet can also be covered, but it will not overflow, which can clean the toilet more thoroughly.

It is suitable for the first cleaning or the toilet that has not been cleaned for a long time. It is recommended to use it once a month.

MazMac” is founded in 2002, and has been focusing on the research and development and export of household cleaning products for 18 years. It is a supplier of many international brands and is very reliable in quality.


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