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The refrigerator at home is often one of the most prone to breeding of harmful bacteria.

The temperature in the refrigerator is low and all kinds of raw and cooked ingredients are squeezed together. It is simply an excellent place for bacteria to breed and multiply!


Especially in hot weather, what you can perceive may only be unpleasant smell.

And what you can’t see is… countless more terrifying harmful bacteria, often these unpleasant tastes are produced by bacteria eroding food!

Especially families with elderly, pregnant women, and children at home should take precautions.


This is just the tip of the iceberg…

Speaking of the annoying bacteria in the refrigerator, we have to mention the greatest devil-Listeria.

Listeria is a harmful bacteria, often found in soil, plants, animal feed, and human and animal feces. It is precisely because of this widespread feature that it is extremely easy to contaminate our food. If we accidentally eat food with this bad thing, the consequences will be disastrous…

If you don’t want to be harassed by harmful bacteria, the air in the refrigerator must also be purified.

What is it? It’s simple, just put this “egg” in the refrigerator and it’s ok.

This is a special air purifier for refrigerators from the brand “Rootsense”- Fridge Guardian Angel.

It can kill harmful bacteria from the source, deodorize the refrigerator, and help degrade pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables!

Leave the purification work in the refrigerator to it, so you can have a peace of mind~

Let’s take a look at the inspection certificate of the authority:

For the intractable “big bad guy” Listeria mentioned above, the Fridge Guardian Angel’s sterilization rate exceeds 99%!

In addition, it has a high removal rate for common “E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella typhimurium”. Note: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella typhimurium are all food-borne harmful bacteria.

It is effective in removes pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Phorate, diazinon, chlorpyrifos methyl, and hexachlorocyclohexane are all pesticide pollutants that are easy to remain on fruits and vegetables. Using the Fridge Guardian Angel can remove the residue to a certain extent.

Specific to the effect visible to the naked eye, you can take a look at several experiments done by the brand:

Under the experimental environment, the raw pork and fish meat were put in the refrigerator and the “Fridge Guardian Angel” was turned on. 45 days later, it turned into a pool of stinky water in the past. But now, it’s not smelly or moldy, but it still kept the original, just the form is dry!

Because harmful bacteria are suppressed by the Fridge Guardian Angel, it can also extend the food preservation period to a certain extent~

The two groups of strawberries in the picture above were put in the refrigerator at the same time under the experimental environment:

The strawberry without the guardian of the Guardian Angel will rot and mold after 7 days;

The strawberry with the Guardian Angel was intact, but slightly lost water and became a bit dry.

No consumables, once and for all, no burden at all!

Rechargeable design, just press a button to start, simple and convenient.

Turn on the regular mode, it can last up to 15 days without frequent charging.

Busy office workers don’t have time to buy groceries every day, and they are generally used to stocking a lot of food at once. It can help you extend the freshness of food and avoid odors;

For people who travel frequently, it is common for the ingredients in the refrigerator to be stale. It will help you to avoid food rot;

How is it sterilized?

The scientific principle of Fridge Guardian Angel’s sterilization is simple – ozone (O3).

Seeing ozone, I guess you have to ask: What is ozone? is it safe? Is it reliable?

Don’t worry, it is safe, reliable and effective!

(Source from internet)

Ozone is generally distributed at a distance of about 30 kilometers around the earth, and forms the ozone layer. As we all know, the ozone layer protects the earth from excessive ultraviolet radiation and creates a comfortable living space for us.

Except for high-altitude ozone, after a heavy thunderstorm, the air is always fresh and has a faint smell of fresh grass, which is the smell of ozone.

Ozone has been widely used in the sterilization of our daily necessities. For example, many bottled water uses ozone sterilization technology before leaving the factory. You can rest assured.

After the device is turned on, ozone is released through the emission hole in the middle of the device.

Ozone can damage the RNA of harmful bacteria, destroy its structure from the source, and achieve the effect of killing bacteria.

At the mean time, it is very safe.

In the experimental environment, the leakage of ozone is only 0.006mg/m³ (the national standard is 0.2mg/m³), which will not cause harm to the human body.

It is simple and convenient to use. After starting the device, select the mode and put it directly into the refrigerator.

The switch is on the back of the egg, press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to turn it on, the default is the normal mode.

Short press the power button to switch to the power mode.

Built-in 2600mAh lithium battery, fully charged once, can be used continuously for about 15 days in normal mode, and can be used continuously for about 4 days in power mode.

When it is almost out of power, the indicator light will turn red and flash to remind you to charge. It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge.

Available in white and green color.

It’s small in size, with a net weight of only 225g, so it won’t occupied much space in the refrigerator.

Product Specification

Brand name:


Product size:

9cm x 12.5cm

Product weight:


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What’s inside the box:

Device x1, cable x1, manual book x1


Fridge Deodoriser & Sterilizator, small in size


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