High & Strong Suction Dust Mites Vacuum Cleaner

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UV ultraviolet rays, 50°C constant temperature hot air, 7000 times/minute vibration beat, 13kPa high suction, 99.9% mite removal rate

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I wonder if you have this experience when you sleep?

I always feel itchy here and there, like a small bug crawling on my body, I can’t sleep well, I look for it carefully, but I find nothing.

I often have pimples on my face and body inexplicably and have small pimples.

Think about how I got allergic if I didn’t eat anything that got angry. In fact, the culprit is the mites on the bed!

Humid and rainy weather is the peak season for mites. There are about 6 million mites in each bed, and the beds, sofas, wardrobes, and blankets are almost everywhere.

90% of asthma, allergic dermatitis and rhinitis are caused by tiny mites! The reproduction speed is ten times faster than that of mice! A mite discharges about 6 dung balls every day, which is terrible!

If you can’t wait for the sun, you might as well try the technology of removing mites and cleaning black-Delmar photo-thermal shock absorption mites removal device, UV ultraviolet lamp + 50 ℃ hot air + strong pat + hurricane suction, playing the tetralogy of removing mites, even if you don’t dry the quilt. Can sleep at ease.

Because of the four-fold mites removal method, the mites removal rate is as high as 99.9%.

Why has it always emphasized the four-fold method of removing mites?

Because all the mite removal devices on the market have only two or three methods, the effect of mite removal is naturally greatly reduced.

The price of the four mite removal instruments with complete removal methods is not so friendly. Want price or effect? But it’s really a difficult multiple choice…

But Deerma Mite Remover solve this problem! It is price-friendly and has a quadruple removal of mites, with a 99.9% removal rate of mites, which can take away mites, eggs, excrement, dander and dust on the quilt.

This is a quilt that I haven’t dried for two months. I sucked it back and forth twice with the Deerma Mite Remover, and it sucked out so much dirt! ! !

The goosebumps rose in an instant, and he immediately sucked on the quilts in other rooms, the sofa in the living room, curtains, etc.

After inhaling this way, I feel more comfortable sleeping~

Here is a good talk about how to deal with mites in four ways.

Deep exposure to kill mites

Upgrade UV ultraviolet lamp

253.7nm ultraviolet light can directly penetrate the mites and their eggs, destroy their DNA and kill them, and instantly kill the mites, even the larvae and eggs of the mites.

The principle is similar to sunlight, but this one fits the bed better and can remove mites at any time. You don’t need to accommodate the location, weather, or time.

Taking into account that during the promotion process, ultraviolet rays may leak and harm the human body. The mite removal instrument is equipped with pressure-sensitive safety protection, and the ultraviolet light will be automatically turned off after 5cm away from the mattress to avoid direct exposure to the human body.

Hot wind drives away mites

50℃ constant heat dehumidification

The mite removal instrument releases hot air at 50°C to make the bed temperature higher than the suitable living temperature of the mites (30°C), reducing the activity of the mites and even death.

Hot air penetrates the mattress and quilt at the same time, drying the wet quilt, and acting as your “little sun” on days without sun.

If it is not convenient for renting friends to dry the quilt, they can use the mite removal instrument to scan back and forth a few times to sleep more at ease.

Slapping and shaking mites

High-frequency strong vibration

Each of the 8 claws on the mites has a hook and sucker to ensure that they can still stay in place in front of strong suction.

The high frequency tapping of 7000 times/min can deeply shake the deep layer of the mattress, so that the mites can’t firmly grasp the fabric fibers and quickly peel off the mites.

Pick out the mites

High-power hurricane sucking mites

Finally, rely on the 13000pa hurricane suction force of the Delmar Mite Eliminator to suck away the corpses, excrement and residues of the dust mites, so that the dust mites have nowhere to escape.

The dirt sucked into the dust box is filtered to 0.03mm fine dust through the HEPA filter to ensure that allergens will not escape and there is no secondary pollution.

The filter element can be washed directly with water and will be used next time after washing.

The bionic fishtail handle makes it more comfortable to hold. With the four pulleys at the bottom, it is more labor-saving to push on the bed than ordinary mite removal devices.

The Mite Remover can be used not only on beds, but also on sofas, curtains, cribs, dolls, etc.

Completely remove mites in your home, and you can sleep soundly when there is no sun. Every family should prepare one~

Product Specification

Product size:

355mm × 230mm × 165mm









Beat frequency:

7000 times/minute



Power cord length:


How to use:

Drag it back and forth on the mattress after plugging in

Working principle:

1. Lengthen UV-C lamp to kill mites

2.50°C hot air repels mites

3. 7000 times/min to beat the shake mites

4.13kPa high suction suction mites

3C certificate number:


What’s inside the box:

Whole device (including power cord), small brush, manual, certificate


1 year

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