Homely Laundry Bag 5 in 1

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Pre-Order: Ship between 13 Jun - 26 Jun

Protective hidden zip

Preventing from scratching

Product size

Size for all the laundry bag


Able to use as a travel storage bag

Hanging rope design

Designed for easy drying while hanging on the hanger, windowsill

Product Specification

Product size:

Large Square – 60cm * 50cm

Medium Square – 50cm * 40cm

Small Square – 40cm * 30cm

Cylinder Bag – 32cm * 23cm

Lingerie Bag – 17cm * 13cm


Polyester cotton

Product weight:

Large Square – 49g

Medium Square – 36g

Small Square – 26g

Cylinder Bag – 34g

Lingerie Bag – 55g

Suitable for:

Large Square – Bed sheet, quilt, winter clothing

Medium Square – Sweater, pants, shirts

Small Square – T-shirts, socks, panties

Cylinder Bag – Jeans, thin coat, kid’s clothing

Lingerie Bag – lingerie


Dense polyester mesh – durable and breathable

Zipper with covered – preventing from scratching

Lingerie bag with support on top and bottom sides – to prevent from losing the bra shape


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