Hummingbird Hair Trimmer


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Mens’ hair grows very fast, and it is easy to look sloppy. Hence, they are frequently go to the barber shop to trim, which takes time and money.

With this hair trimmer,  you can now DIY haircut at home.

Hummingbird Hair Trimmer 7 - Sneapy

T-shaped cutter head, ultra-thin dense teeth, ultra-short pitch, R-shaped blunt cutter head, with 1 ~ 3mm limit comb.

Hummingbird Hair Trimmer 8 - Sneapy

The wide blade, the thickness of the blade is as thin as 0.3mm, is half of the ordinary hair clipper, and there is no pressure on cutting a bald head.

Hummingbird Hair Trimmer 9 - Sneapy

10W power, the speed reaches 7100 revolutions per minute, it is smooth to use and does not stutter, and can easily deal with soft and hard hair.

Hummingbird Hair Trimmer 10 - Sneapy

Smart charging, can be easily check the battery level through the indicator light.

Built-in 1500mAh large-capacity battery, it can be fully charged in about 3 hours, battery life up to 4 hours.

Based on a haircut once a month, 30 minutes each time, you can continue to use for 8 months.

Hummingbird Hair Trimmer 11 - Sneapy

Don’t be afraid when there is no electricity during use. The 1.5m long charging cable can be put into use when plugged in.

It also supports USB charging, which can be directly connected to the powerbank and the computer for charging.

Hummingbird Hair Trimmer 12 - Sneapy

Low-noise operation, the noise is less than 50dB, low and not harsh, just like hummingbird vibration.

The global voltage of 110 ~ 240V can be carried on business trips and travels.

Hummingbird Hair Trimmer 13 - Sneapy

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145mm * 40mm

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