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Mobile phones, headsets, Gopro…Which one can I bring less when I go out? Every electronic device has a different cable, and it is so frustrated to bring a bunch of cables out of the house.

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Messy cables solution

But the biggest headache is not bring the cable, but to find the charging cable. That’s really the first two big problems:

Which cable is for the headphone? Which line is the mobile phone? Which cable is for gopro? Ah… crazy, crazy!

All the cable mess around in your bag.

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Introducing InCharge 6-in-1 cable

Today, I bring you this 6-in-1 cable from the brand “inCharge”. It can help you end this messy problem.

It is only the size of a key and weighs only 27g (the weight is about the same as a small set of keys), but it is super practical!

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It can be matched with 6 charging methods

For example, to charge the Type-C interface Switch, Lightning interface iPhone, MicroUSB interface mouse…

Almost meet the charging needs of most electronic devices. It’s too convenient!

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Special features: charge the phone with the phone

In an emergency, you can use it to borrow from the mobile phones of people around you.

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2 specifications: InCharge 6 Max (long) & InCharge 6 (short)

This cable is available in two specifications: long and short.

The long style is available in 1 color of  grey, and the short style is available in 3 colors of space grey, gold and silver.

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The charging port of each different device is different, there are Type-C, Lightning, and MicroUSB.

Sometimes I want to use a computer to charge and transfer files, but the interface on each computer is different. There are USB and Type-C.

Or, there is only a Type-C charging head on hand, but no Type-C charging cable…

One of these problem can be solved with this small cable.

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It is a very beautiful decoration when hung on the bag.


Product Specification

Product size:

Incharge 6 – 13cm * 1.5cm * 0.7cm

Incharge 6 Max – 150cm * 1.5cm * 0.7cm

Product weight:

Incharge 6 – 30g

Incharge 6 Max – 65g


Zinc alloy, TPU, Copper cable


Incharge 6 – 0.13m

Incharge 6 Max – 1.5m

Interface type:

Input – usb, type-C

Output – lightning, type-C, micro usb

What’s inside the box:

Incharge 6 – Cable, keyring

Incharge 6 Max – Cable

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