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Mobile phones, headsets, Gopro…Which one can I bring less when I go out? Every electronic device has a different cable, and it is so frustrated to bring a bunch of cables out of the house.

Messy cables solution

But the biggest headache is not bring the cable, but to find the charging cable. That’s really the first two big problems:

Which cable is for the headphone? Which line is the mobile phone? Which cable is for gopro? Ah… crazy, crazy!

All the cable mess around in your bag.

Introducing InCharge 6-in-1 cable

Today, I bring you this 6-in-1 cable from the brand “inCharge”. It can help you end this messy problem.

It is only the size of a key and weighs only 27g (the weight is about the same as a small set of keys), but it is super practical!

It can be matched with 6 charging methods

For example, to charge the Type-C interface Switch, Lightning interface iPhone, MicroUSB interface mouse…

Almost meet the charging needs of most electronic devices. It’s too convenient!

Special features: charge the phone with the phone

In an emergency, you can use it to borrow from the mobile phones of people around you.

2 specifications: InCharge 6 Max (long) & InCharge 6 (short)

This cable is available in two specifications: long and short.

The long style is available in 1 color of  grey, and the short style is available in 3 colors of space grey, gold and silver.

The charging port of each different device is different, there are Type-C, Lightning, and MicroUSB.

Sometimes I want to use a computer to charge and transfer files, but the interface on each computer is different. There are USB and Type-C.

Or, there is only a Type-C charging head on hand, but no Type-C charging cable…

One of these problem can be solved with this small cable.

It is a very beautiful decoration when hung on the bag.


Product Specification

Product size:

Incharge 6 – 13cm * 1.5cm * 0.7cm

Incharge 6 Max – 150cm * 1.5cm * 0.7cm

Product weight:

Incharge 6 – 30g

Incharge 6 Max – 65g


Zinc alloy, TPU, Copper cable


Incharge 6 – 0.13m

Incharge 6 Max – 1.5m

Interface type:

Input – usb, type-C

Output – lightning, type-C, micro usb

What’s inside the box:

Incharge 6 – Cable, keyring

Incharge 6 Max – Cable


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