Intelligent Humidifier For Deep Purification

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UV ultraviolet purification, sterilization rate reaches 99.99%, clean and humidified. Intelligent constant humidity, 12h timing, 3 levels of fog

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Sun protection is very important for skin care, but moisturizing can not be ignored! You can use an umbrella to prevent the sun, or you can be lazy and not exercise, but you really can’t avoid to stay in the air-conditioned room!

If the skin lacks water, oily, makeup, pores, dry lines, and even dry dermatitis may be wrapped around the body without knowing it. At this time, humidifier must be used.

But is the humidifier safe for long-term use? After reading a lot of news about the illness caused by humidifiers, there are some concerns about humidification.

I understand everyone’s concerns, so today I recommend this Deep Purification Humidifier

Everyone knows that ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria. Adding ultraviolet rays to the water to kill bacteria in the water is worth looking forward to.

This humidifier is equipped with an ultraviolet UV lamp tube. After the water source enters the base, it will enter the UV lamp irradiation area along the integrated waterway, undergo 360° purification and then flow to the atomization area to ensure that the water mist is clean.

The integrated design of the entire waterway is irreversible, with only one inlet and outlet, and every drop of water must pass through the ultraviolet sterilization zone to avoid “fish slipping through the net”.

The sterilization rate has reached 99.9%. Now you can turn on this humidifier and enjoy the moisture.


Compared with chemical disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection is also more reassuring, without chemical pollution. And long-term use, no need to buy consumables.

Not only purification, the humidifier is also very careful in designing other functions.

Humidity is actually very important to our health, but most of the time, it is difficult for the body to feel whether it is in a comfortable humidity, and it is too late to send a signal.

If the humidifier has an intelligent constant humidity function, it will be different. It can achieve constant humidity in the comfortable 45%-90% humidity range of the human body. After the ambient humidity reaches the set value, it will automatically stop fogging, without excessive humidification, and feel relieved to enjoy the moisture life.

The temperature/humidity can be seen from the large digital screen of the body, and the real-time display can be seen at a glance. The large screen is still touch-control adjustment, direct touch-control to adjust gear position, timing duration, constant humidity function, etc.

12h timing, customized humidification schedule

Up to 12 hours of timing function, you can schedule the time as you like, and automatically shut down and power off when the point is reached, so you are not afraid of wasting power when it is turned on.

3 levels of mist volume adjustment, of which level 1 has the smallest mist volume and level 3 has the largest mist volume.

5L run reservoir, continuous moisture

With a large capacity of 5L.  It is roughly equivalent to 20 bottles of 250ml mineral water capacity.


Add water before going to work, it can moisturize from morning to night, or add water before going to bed, and you don’t need to get up to add water in the middle of the night.

The 350mL/h heavy mist volume is continuously sent out, which evaporates much faster than a basin of 0.023kg/m³ of water, sweeping dry, moisturized skin is coming soon


And the mist it emits is so far that it can cover the range of 25-30 square meters, whether you are in the living room, bedroom, or office.



The sound  is very light, quiet and beautiful. It is only 35 decibels. Putting it in the bedroom will not disturb the rest. You are resting, and it humidifies quietly on the side.



It’s not just as simple as humidification, drop in the favorite aromatherapy, to relax the tired body and mind~



The appearance is white and flawless like a newborn baby, and the shape is round and whispering. The top is centered on the round mist outlet, like ripples on the surface of the lake, with spring water as the design concept.


Common Question:

Q: What kind of water does the humidifier use?

A: It is recommended to use purified water, tap water, mineral water, etc.


Q: Why is there a white powdery sediment in the water tank after using the humidifier for a period of time?

A: Because most water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions, these minerals will also be emitted with the mist during the ultrasonic atomization process, and white powder will be deposited in the water tank for a long time.


Q: How often does the humidifier clean?

A: Most of the water contains minerals, which accumulate in the water tank and will slowly deposit and form scale. It is recommended to clean the humidifier once a week. The remaining water after each humidification should be completely drained to avoid the formation of dirt.


Q: There is abnormal noise when the humidifier is used?

A: There may be too little water in the water tank, or the surface is unstable, please add water to the water tank and place the humidifier on a flat surface to humidify.


Product Specification

Product size:

190mm × 190mm × 345mm


1.2 kg





How it works:

Plug in use

Volume of fog:




Whether to support water shortage and power failure protection:


Whether to support timing function:


Cable cord length:


What’s inside the box:

Humidifier, instruction manual, certificate, warranty card


220V 50Hz




3  months


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