Kobayashi Cooling Spray

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Just like a “Portable Air-con”, suitable for spraying on clothing when going out, where it will be cooler wherever you go

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Japan Kobayashi Co., Ltd. is a 120-year-old company focusing on product development, mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of daily necessities and food.

The products are sold in Japan, it also hot selling in the United States, United Kingdom, SEA and around the world.

Since the establishment of the company, it has always taken “providing consumers with a healthy and comfortable life” as its corporate goal, applying a rapid development system.

Constantly challenge new markets, product development, production, life, and daily life, and create professional brands to meet the needs of consumers in all aspects.

Let every consumer have a “comfortable and healthy body and mind”, and the body and mind are balanced and healthy, and that is the health recognized by Kobayashi. The company maintains this living condition at the highest working condition.

What to do in the hot weather?

Do you still deal with the hot weather in the old way?

Air conditioner – only suitable for indoor use.

Fans – it cannot be carried with you.

Cooling gel pad – affect the appearance.

When learning to drive, If wear too much will make you feel hot, while wear less will darken your skin.

Facing air conditioner for 24 hours a day will have negative effect on your health.

When you switch to using a fan, it blow out gusts of hot air.

Going to school, staying in the classroom of dozens of people every day, which make your body sticky and unable to focus!

Should we let the hot weather be crushed and tolerate it?


Facing this hot weather, even if there is no air-conditioning, WIFI or watermelon, this small object can still make you feel happy!

Bring you a summer cooling spray launched by Kobayashi.

This Kobayashi clothing quick heat-reducing spray is a heat-reducing tool that can be popularly sold in Japanese supermarkets and stores every summer.

It is called “portable air conditioner” by the Japanese.

The main components of Kobayashi’s heat-reducing spray are peppermint and ethanol, which achieve the effect of volatilization and heat dissipation through the physical properties of ethanol.

Kobayashi Cooling Spray is really super easy to use and convenient!

Especially friendly for people who sweat! The method of application is to spray on clothes, not on the skin.

Because the spray contains frost cream, if it is sprayed on the skin, it will instantly dissipate heat and cause what is called a hot feeling.

In fact, it is a kind of cold and burning sensation, you can touch the skin, it is cold but there is no cool feeling at all.

Secondly, because the frost components are attached to the skin, the duration will be shortened due to the rapid release.

Correct use can avoid the hot feeling and the body sensation will also extend the duration.


1. Rotate the button until it is marked “OPEN”.

2. Spray 3-5 times each at a distance of 10cm or more from the clothes (spray on the underarms, back, neck, etc.).

3. Turn the button back to the original position after spraying.

If the cooling effect is not obvious or the duration is short, the number of sprays can be increased.

The design of the spout button can effectively prevent accidental ejection, leakage and volatilization.

Spray it directly on your clothes when you sweat, and it is cool and pleasant every time you sweat.

The cooling ingredients in it will make us feel cool and comfortable. At the same time, it can also eliminate the smell of sweat on the clothes. After spraying, it smells a faint fragrance!

It has three fragrance types, peppermint fragrance, classic aroma fragrance and citrus fragrance.

Among them, the cooling effect of peppermint is particularly great! The refreshing sensation of the fragrance will be slightly inferior to that of mint, just spray it a few times~

The 100ml capacity is just right in the bag! Its nozzle has a buckle design~

Open the buckle when you use it, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling out! Spray on clothes to keep cool for about 1~2 hours.

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