Lazy Mosquito Repellent

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Japanese brand, ready to use, one bottle can cover 10-15 square meters, long-lasting mosquito repellent for 2 months, safe plant formula

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The temperature and humidity start to rise, so too does the number of pesky, bloodthirsty mosquitoes. They can awaken you with their annoying buzz, leave itching bites on exposed skin, and even transmit deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever.

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Occasionally a mosquito bite causes a large area of swelling, soreness and redness. Which affected your mood of going to school and work. The more you scratch, the more itching it is, and it is easily leaving the scars.

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Adults are most afraid of the baby being swollen into a large area after being stung, and it hurts to look at it.

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To deal with the abominable mosquitoes, human beings have thought about ways: slap slaps, mosquito coils, mosquito nets, electric mosquito swatters, mosquito killers…I kept tossing until I met this eco-friendly mosquito repellent from Worldlife. It has a mild formula and a long-lasting mosquito repellent. It allows me to sleep peacefully in the this hot weather without being tortured by nasty mosquitoes.

Once the lid is opened, the mosquitoes will not come. One bottle can cover 10-15 square meters. After opening the lid, it can be used for up to 60 days. It is portable and easy to use~

A small tin can be used anytime, anywhere, whether in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, office, in the car, or outdoors. It is very convenient.

It looks amazing, but the principle is very simple. Its nirvana is very scared by mosquitoes-plant citronella essential oil.

Citronella essential oil is extracted from citronella grass. Citronella grass is also known as lemongrass. It is native to tropical regions in Southeast Asia. It exudes a natural rich lemon scent, hence the name.

Citronella is not only the nemesis of mosquitoes, but also refreshes the mind and purifies the room.

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Both mosquito coils and liquid mosquito coils contain trace amounts of anesthetics or poisons to “kill” mosquitoes. Whether it is for adults, the elderly, or children, they have varying degrees of adverse effects, especially pregnant women, infants and young children, so please pay attention to it.

The citronella plant formula does not contain DEET (DEET, a widely used insecticide), so it is safer to use.

When I got this mosquito repellent, I couldn’t wait to open the lid. After opening the lid, there was a fragrance of plants. This natural taste is much better than perfume. The taste is not strong and will not cause a thorn in the room.

This mosquito repellent more than that, and it is also very safe.

No need to ignite, no electricity, no spraying, the mosquitoes will be driven away as soon as the lid is opened! If there are active children at home, there is no need to worry about safety hazards.

One bottle can cover 10-15 square meters, and 1 bottle in the bedroom is enough. If the area is relatively large, 2 bottles can be placed.

Long-lasting mosquito repellent for 60 days. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment, the volatilization time will be different. If the weather is particularly hot and dry, the volatilization will be faster.

It is particularly convenient to use, anytime, anywhere, wherever you need to put the mosquito repellent, you can use it when you open the lid. It do not touch the skin, do not worry about allergies or skin irritation.

Easy to use:

1. Turn this product upside down for 10 seconds, let the citronella essential oil fully soak the sponge.

2. Open the lid and tear off the sealing paper.

3. Place it in a place that needs to repel mosquitoes.

4. When not in use, close the lid to reduce volatilization and avoid waste.

You can put a bottle on the head of the bed to make the mosquitoes run out and sleep more comfortably.

Put a bottle on the desk so that your child will not be bitten by mosquitoes while studying, and will focus more on studying.

Put a bottle in the area where your baby plays, making it more enjoyable to play.

Put a bottle on an outing on a picnic. You will not afraid of mosquito areas. Relax your body and mind and avoid trouble. You can enjoy the happy time.

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After authoritative testing, the mosquito repellent rate of  Worldlife’s Lazy Mosquito Repellent is as high as 97.68%.


The results of this experiment are only valid for samples submitted for inspection


1. It is not edible and can not be applied to the skin.

2. If the skin or eyes are accidentally stained, immediately rinse with plenty of water or seek medical attention in time.

Warm reminder, after using for a period of time, if the smell gradually fades, close the lid and invert it for 10 seconds, let the citronella essential oil soak the sponge, and then open it for use.

A box of 40g can be used for 2 months.

Global warming, the hot season is getting longer and longer, and the mosquitoes are getting more and more.

Prepare a few boxes earlier, so you can feel at ease and sit back and relax!

It is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can be used by babies over 6 months to protect the health of babies and the whole family.

With it, no longer be afraid of annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes!

Product Specification

Product size:

40mm × 70mm



Product weight:


Suitable for:

Indoor and outdoor

Usage period:

60 days

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    Lazy Mosquito Repellent photo review
    Lazy Mosquito Repellent photo review
    Lazy Mosquito Repellent photo review
    The smell is good and work very well!!
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