Leravan Portable Massager


Wireless earphone design, stick to wherever you feel bad, take it with you, no pressure

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Although the massager that we bought is comprehensive, but it can only press one part at a time. What’s more, storing so many massage devices is a hassle.
图片The massage device we are going to recommend today is to prevent the occurrence of “I have bought more massage devices than you have eaten”.You can buy this and replace the original various massage device.

If you are hesitating what kind of massager to buy, then I must recommend you this one.

It’s called: Leravan Portable Massager.

It looks like a goose egg, and the design of a wireless headset, anyway, whether you look at it from left to right, it doesn’t look like a massager should look like.


Two gel pad, two magnetic mainframes (small buttons).

Take out the gel pad, magnetically attract the small button and gel pad together, and stick it to your body to start the massage.


Stick the discomfort area on your body, and one stick can fix the massage problem.


With just one, these cervical spine massagers, back massagers, waist massagers, and leg massagers can be laid off in advance.

Even if you have a need to go out, you only need to bring one.

Instead of calling it “Portable Magic Sticker”, it is better to call it “Portable Massager”.

TENS pulse technology, simulating manual massage experience

6 modes, 16 levels of massage intensity


To be honest, things are very strange now, some are trying to get bigger, some are trying to get smaller, and some are trying to make themselves big when they should be big and small when they should be small.

This massager is so small that I have never thought about it before. It is fine to say that it is a wireless earphone box.

Moreover, the massager has become smaller, and it is also convenient to carry around.


The size is just a perfect fit on your palm

You can take it with you after you have exercised or travel. Therefore, you can putting it in the bag and use it easily.

图片How does such a small gel pad has the massage function? The secret is on the controller above.There is a secret in the controller. It uses TENS low-pulse technology, which is a technology that uses micro-current to simulate massage.The way of manual massage is nothing more than thumping, kneading and pressing.

The reason why these actions can be felt by the human muscles is that after the muscles receive the stimulation, there is a micro-current transmitted to the brain. After the brain receives the airing message, it knows: “Oh. It turned out that there was a small fist punching my chest.”

The cervical spine massager can only press your neck, the waist and abdomen massager can only press your waist , and the leg massager can only press your legs.

And this is different from those single-function massage devices. You can stick it wherever you want to. You don’t have to consider the situation of unsuitable parts.

The massager is designed with 6 modes.

Each mode is to simulate the experience of real human hand massage, the ultimate goal is to let you: use this one, forget others.


There are also 16 levels of massage intensity:

Level 1~5, less force, with a slight pulse feeling;

Level 6~10, moderate intensity;

Level 11~16, greater strength.


Small and light, massage in anywhere and anytime you go

Each massage is 15 minutes, the total battery life can reach 27 hours

Before use, take out the gel pad and “small buttons” from the inside.

Then put the “small buttons” and the gel pad together.

The two of them are magnetically attracted. After they are sucked together, adjust their positions and they will be stuck firmly.

Then tear off the protective film on the reverse side of the gel pad and stick it on yourself.

Do not throw away the protective film, and reattach it to the gel pad after you finish the massage.

Like the wireless earphones, it also adopts a dual-host design. Two pieces of massage stickers can operate independently. You massage your waist, and another massage its long legs.

If the uncomfortable position is really a bit wide, the two gel pad can still be close together, and the area that can be massaged will be larger.

The button of the “small button” is designed with concave and convex, and the icon on it can know what it is by just touching it with your finger.

It is made of TPU material and feels comfortable.

There are 4 buttons in total, switch, intensity+, intensity-, mode selection, all functions can be completed by blind pressing.


The massage time for each massage is 15 minutes. This is the custom of the massager. Pressing more often will have negative effects.

It will automatically shut down after the massage is completed.

Each “small button” can be used for 4.5 hours when fully charged, and the charging compartment can fully charge the dual host 3 times. The total battery life is up to 4.5×2×3=27 hours.

The charging time of the charging box is 2 hours, and the charging time of the “small button” is 1.5 hours.

Note: The above data is provided by the brand and is for reference only.

The gel pad is safe to use and skin-friendly, easy to stick, easy to tear, can be used repeatedly about 30 times.

If the gel pad loses its stickiness, it can be washed with water and will recover when it dries. If the stickiness can’t be restored, please replace it with a new gel pad.

(A replacement gel will be put on the shelf in our store later)


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