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Almost every girl sees this keyboard, she can only yell Wow!

Because it is so beautiful, at first glance I thought it was an eyeshades palette.

This high-value keyboard is the “Blooming” of the Lofree DOT dot Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, from the well-known domestic design brand lofree.

2 models are available: rose gold and silver.

It takes into account the feel and appearance of a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, and is compatible with the entire system platform of Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android, and has both strength and beauty.

The design of Lofree DOT bluetooth mechanical keyboard is inspired by the earliest typewriter.

For many literary and artistic sentiment parties, receiving an old typewriter has almost become a complex.

With popular line style and retro round hat keyboard, Lofe inherited the original retro temperament of typewriters.

At the same time, the color keyboard with 79 complex processes and more than 30 color scheme adjustments is like a collection of lipstick numbers.

Just looking at it, it is very advanced, has a texture, and satisfies all the girl’s fantasy.

The design of the body is also gorgeous to eye-catching.

The rose gold plating, coupled with the finishing touch of the space bar, can not help but remind people of the bright highlights on the cheeks, which is unforgettable.

The original blooming version is a low-key and elegant silver, which contrasts with the dazzling color keyboard for a different sense of tolerance.

The concave design on the surface of the key cap makes each finger fit comfortably.

The Rose Gold version uses a tea shaft that is more suitable for women, and it is most suitable for the office.

The tea axis is also known as the “universal axis”. It has a sense of paragraph. It is not as soft as the red axis or as “noisy” as the green axis. It feels light and moderate.

It is also suitable as a transition from a membrane keyboard to a mechanical keyboard.

The silver edition uses the domestically produced blue shaft, which has the crisp feel and paragraph sense of the mechanical shaft.

Each button is composed of springs and metal contacts, and the percussion feel makes people love it.

The keyboard is equipped with Broadcom’s Bluetooth chip, which is highly efficient and energy-saving, and typing is extremely smooth without any lag.

Accompanied by the crisp percussive sound, the fingers are flying on the keyboard, and writing has become a very pure enjoyment.

This is a pleasure that ordinary membrane keyboards cannot replace.

It is compatible with the four major platforms of Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android, and is universal for mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

On the side of the keyboard, there is a mode switching key, a one-key switching system.

No matter what kind of computer, mobile phone or tablet device you are using, it can be universal!

The 79-key layout on the front perfectly matches the Apple keyboard keys.

The arrangement and marking of keys, including function keys, are the same as Apple’s native keyboard, which can perfectly replace Apple’s native keyboard.

The schematic diagram is the little yellow duck, the side switch is the same

There are two switches on the side of the keyboard.

The system toggle switches are: “Mac/iOS” system gear and “Windows/Android” system gear. When using, please dial to the gear of the corresponding system of the device.

The status toggle switches are: Bluetooth (Bluetooth mode), ON (wired mode), OFF (closed). Turn the “status toggle switch” to the ON position, and you can use the USB cable that comes with the keyboard to connect to the computer to achieve wired mode.

When the battery power of the device is less than 20%, the power indicator (at the Micro USB port) flashes quickly, please use the standard USB cable to charge the keyboard: the indicator flashes slowly during the charging process, and the full charge indicator is on ( It can be fully charged in 5 hours).

After the Bluetooth wireless mode is turned on, press and hold the fn key+1 in the lower left corner to search for the Bluetooth signal (DOT@LOFREE) of the device, and the matching will be successful.

The Lofree Dot Bluetooth keyboard has a built-in 4000 mAh battery, which can last up to 15 months without the backlight. With 100% backlight, it can be used for about 3 days with 5,000 taps per day.

If you want to turn on the backlight, press the F6 key continuously to change 4 levels of backlight brightness, the brightness increases; press the F5 key continuously, the brightness decreases.

Note: For windows system, press FN+f5 or FN+f6.

The Lofree Dot Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard also has a very intimate design, that is, the entire keyboard is lifted at 6 degrees, which is very ergonomic.

This is the most relaxed angle of the wrist, while also taking into account the clarity of the viewing angle.

Keep tapping for an hour or two without getting tired. It is very suitable for various writers who have to write a lot of words every day.

The size is 306mm×144.5mm×30.6mm and weighs only about 810g. It also comes with a super stylish PVC keyboard storage bag, which is very portable.

Product Specification

Product size:




Connect method:

Wired or bluetooth

Charging type:

Micro USB

Battery capacity:


Time required to fully charge:

5 hours

Usage time:

[Without backlight] Up to 15 months of battery life

[100% backlight] It can be used for about 3 days when it is tapped 5000 times a day

What’s inside the box:

Keyboard, charging cable, manual, warranty card, clutch

Brand name:


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