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Stir-fry likes to add garlic to sauté the fragrant. The scent is tempting before the dish is cooked.

But cutting garlic is easy to stick to the taste, and the taste does not disappear throughout the day. Not to mention the sadness of cutting peppers, cutting onions, eyes and so on. It’s too hard to cook a meal.

Recommend a kitchen artifact, directly put in the garlic, pepper, onion to be prepared, one-key electric cutting and twisting, non-smelling, spicy and sour, I believe you all need it.

It is the Deerma Mini Garlic Stirrer. It is chubby and cute. It looks like a little minion, with a small fork on its side, ready to fight.

There are a circle of garlic stirrers on the market, and most of them are unremarkable. The blue and gold garlic stirrers stand out from the crowd.  Simply stir a garlic and feel like you are making a Michelin meal.

The texture of the outer packaging is also very good. It feels completely gift box, which is a good choice as a gift.

This garlic stirrer is a high-end product line of Deermar’s 2020 Deerma pro series. This series selects products with new and peculiar, new potentials and new functions. It not only has high appearance, but also excellent performance.


One-key electric cutting

No more picking up materials and getting your hand tired

Usually, the minced garlic is sparsely cut for half a day, and the garlic stirrer completes it all at once. It is calculated to cut and chop about 60 times in 1 second, which is an efficiency that cannot be achieved by human hands.


The 3-leaf blade cuts from top to bottom, no matter where the garlic head is hidden in the bowl, it can be cut by the blade.

There are a number of prominent spoilers in the cooking bowl, which change the movement route of the food from o to ∞, avoiding the embarrassing situation where the ingredients are piled on the periphery and not finely cut.

Because of the design of these small details, the garlic can be cut finer and more evenly.

The small volume of 150mL makes it easy to smash various ingredients, even a single garlic can be smashed.

What a large meat grinder cannot do, it is easy.

Usually, the amount of ingredients used in the cooking is not too much, and the capacity of the garlic mixer is just right, and there is no need to save it for the next meal.

Compared with chopping garlic in half a day, the Mini Garlic Stirrer only takes 5 minutes to cut a plate of garlic.

①First, install the blade.


②Put the ingredients into the cooking cup. Be careful not to exceed the limit line in the cup, and the meat will be less.



③After everything is ready, turn on the switch to start stirring garlic, let go and stop stirring garlic.



④Scrape out the ingredients with your own small spatula.



Stir garlic/ground meat/food supplement

One machine multi-purpose kitchen helper

In addition to cutting garlic, it can also be used to cut peppers, onions, ground meat, and make supplements. It has many uses, and it can be used as a general meat grinder. After having it, you can easily make a big meal.


Scallops with garlic vermicelli:

Garlic and seafood are a perfect match! Spread the scallops with vermicelli and minced garlic and steam them in a pot. The vermicelli absorbs the freshness of the scallops, and the minced garlic enhances the fragrance and removes the flavor. It is too satisfying to eat in one bite.


Tofu with minced meat:

The minced meat is spread on the tofu, and the two flavors are fusion. You can eat both the meat and the lightness of tofu. It has become one of the most frequent home-cooked dishes in large families.





Hot pot dip:

Use a garlic stirrer to easily make minced garlic, minced ginger, minced pepper, chopped coriander, etc., and then formulate your own taste according to personal taste, this hot pot is considered complete.


Not only can it be made into one ingredient, but it can also be combined with a variety of ingredients, such as mixing garlic and chili to directly make garlic chili sauce, which is good for stir-fry and dipping.


There are so many uses, waiting for you to discover.

Wireless compact body

No restriction on cutting

This garlic stirrer is wireless, so you can use it wherever you want, and you don’t have to confine your preparation to the kitchen.

When Mom made a big meal, the kitchen was her battlefield. I took the garlic stirrer and moved to the dining room to prepare the ingredients;

When the hot pot dipping ingredients are used up, take out the garlic stirrer and prepare the ingredients while chatting with friends, no need to go to the kitchen;

You can also take it out. When you have an outdoor BBQ, crush the chili and sprinkle it on the skewers.


As for the battery life, don’t worry about it at all. It takes one month to charge the battery once, and it can be charged with a power bank, computer or even a car, which is very convenient.



After cutting the garlic, separate the main unit, blade and transparent cup, rinse them separately, and continue using it next time. There are no cumbersome steps from the beginning to the end, so it is too suitable for lazy people like me.



The cup body that directly contacts the food is made of food-grade AS material, and the blade is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the national food safety standards and can be used with confidence.


Equipped with a small fork, after the ingredients are prepared, it is directly used to scrape out the food. The comb teeth on the top seamlessly fit the spoiler ribs protruding from the inner wall of the cooking cup, and the gaps that are usually difficult to clean can be scraped off at once.


Usually like me, I am afraid of cutting garlic and chili. I bought one for my parents some time ago and they were full of praise. The small garlic stirrer greatly improves the happiness of cooking, reduces the cumbersome cooking, and allows you to experience the joy of cooking.


Common Question:

Q: How long can it be used after fully charged?

It has a large-capacity battery of 1500 mAh. It can be charged in 2 hours by USB and can be used for about 1 month after fully charged.

Q: What ingredients can be wringed by the food processor?

It can be whipped such as garlic, ginger, chili, minced meat, complementary food, western food seasoning, dish ingredients, barbecue ingredients and so on.

Q: After the device is installed, what is the reason for holding down the switch but not starting?

1) The machine has counterpoint safety protection. Please check if the blue light is shining. This is because the device and transparent cup are not installed. Just install the device and transparent cup.

2) The blue light flashes for 10 seconds and then goes out. Please check whether the battery is too low and charge the device.

Product Specification

Product size:

90mm × 90mm × 112mm




AS, 304 stainless steel



Charging type:


Spinning speed:




Power cord length:


What’s inside the box:

Device, knife holder, transparent cup, USB charging cable, manual, warranty card


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