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A magic for everyone

Looking at it is an ordinary laptop, but once lifted up – hey? A stand suddenly popped up.

It is an “invisible” laptop stand from the Chinese design brand “MOFT”.

It is light and thin, and it is attached on the back of the notebook. It is very portable and can be used anywhere.

Most funded Laptop Stand on Kickstarter

This “invisible” bracket has achieved remarkable results in the world-renowned crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. In just 60 days, there are 32,000 supporters and raised $920,000.

It has become the 13th project in product category crowdfunding in the 430,000 projects in the history of the platform, and it has also set a record for the maximum number of Chinese products supported on the Kickstarter platform.

Note: The above data shown as of March 9, 2019.

Why is it so popular?

Today, mobile work has become mainstream, and today people cannot work without laptops.

But the state of many people using laptops is basically bowing & bending over.

We saw a picture on the Internet, which can explain the problem in particular.

Every time the head is lowered, the pressure on the cervical spine is greater.

Unhealthy work methods increase the risk of cervical dispositions.  Every day we back from work,, our neck is stiff and uncomfortable.

People who have long bend their heads will unconsciously lean forward when walking, and the posture is very unattractive.

Many people use such a notebook stand for the comfort of the cervical spine.

But these stands are large and heavy, not easy to carry, and very unfriendly to business travelers.

When there are no conditions, you can only put a thick book on it, or you can only straighten your head and use a computer like a giraffe.

And this MOFT stand can be opened and closed in one second.

The thickness is only 3 mm, a little thinner than the coin.

Compared to the traditional laptop stand, it is light and thin, and there is no burden to use.

After closing, the computer can also be loaded into the bag, and you can get up and use it anytime, anywhere.

With such a clever design, it’s no wonder that it’s called the “invisible” laptop stand, and it’s no wonder that it has become a “Bomb” for Kickstarter.

When my colleagues saw that me was using this bracket and only asked me a few questions, she was exciting:

“Is this stand heavy?” “It’s very light.”

“Is there metal inside?” “No.”

“Is the bearing capacity strong?” “8kg.”

“Is it a one-time?” “No.”

“Will it leave a mark?” “No.”

“I want to buy!!”

As you see, it’s simple and practical, it also pokes the user’s pain points.

A thin stand , but very stable

Triangle structure | Bearing 8kg | Two adjustable angles

How to use the stand?

Very simple.

Remove the screen protector from the stand and attach the stand to the back of the notebook to use it.

The unfolded configuration of the stent is a triangle because the triangle is the most stable structure recognized by the physical world.

At the beginning of the R&D, the designers of MOFT changed the couple of design drafts and finally adopted this model.

So, don’t think that it’s a thin tiny piece,  and do not look down on its support.

The load-bearing capacity can reach an astonishing 8kg, not to mention the heavy game-type notebook, and even a pile of books is no problem.

It can support 11.6~15.6-inch notebooks, such as Apple’s MacBook series, 11.9-inch iPad Pro, and Microsoft’s Surface series.

Many computers on the market can be used, but not for laptops with air outlets on the bottom.

Therefore, when the hands are typed on the keyboard, the stand is very stable and basically does not sway.

Note: Because the support position is in the middle of the computer, there will be some small shaking when pressing the corners of the keyboard.

After 3 years of research on user habits, the MOFT bracket decided to adopt two tilt angles of 15° and 25°.

At 15°, the computer rises 5cm;

at 25°, the computer rises 8cm.

On my personal experience, typing is more comfortable at 15 °, while watching the screen at 25 ° is more appropriate.

To switch the angle is very simple, just move the adjustment plate in the middle.

After using it, because the sitting posture is more standardized than before

The stands that can be used repeatedly.

Sticky | Washable | Tear off without leaving marks |

The back of the stand is made of a material called “movable and non-marking glue”. This magic material can be pasted hundreds of times.

And it sticks very tightly, and it can’t get rid on it.

If you want to switch to another laptop, just tear it off.

The back of the laptop that tears off the stand is clean and does not leave any intractable glue marks.

If the glue is dirty, rinse it off with water and continue to use it.

The stand is made of PU material and can be folded repeatedly. It is also non-slip and scratch resistant.

Even if it is subjected to such violent bending, it will not damage the stent.

There are magnets and iron pieces on the reverse side, which will be firmly sucked when they are closed, and will not be pulled down.

Available in 5 colors:

from top to bottom, the left two are silver, denim grey, and the right three are gold, pink, and starry gray.

MOFT, known as Mobile Office For Travlers, was founded in Silicon Valley in the United States in 2017. The team is from both China and the United States. Members have more than 10 years of experience in consumer digital products.

Product Specification

Product size:

22.4cm × 17cm × 0.3cm

Product weight:



PU, fiberglass, removable non-marking glue, magnet, iron sheet


11.6~15.6 inch screen computer

Height that can be raised:

5cm, 8cm

Maximum loading capacity:


Switch type:

Induction type


easy to remove, thin & slim, light, no mark after remove.

5 reviews for MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand

    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    Henley Chan
    The angle is perfect !
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    Siang Pu
    I'm really satisfied with the quality and material of the product. The color is very good as well. The important thing is that it can be directly attached to the bottom of the computer and can be used at any time. Kudos!
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    Soon Li
    Quite easy to use
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    Jie Lun
    MOFT Invisible Notebook Stand photo review
    Good product! It is easy to attach & remove
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