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Have you ever encountered such troubles?

The weather is damp, and the mold at home is increasing.

Not only affects the beauty, but also harmful to health.

I have used a lot of mold removal products, but the effect is not good, and the mold still appears repeatedly.

Today, I would like to  recommended mold removal gel, origin from the Japan’s brand “Worldlife”.

This mold removal gel can quickly remove mold, and the cleaning effect can be seen after 4-8 hours of application.

The gel-like pressing design is convenient for controlling the dosage and easy to use.

Optimal raw materials, scientific formula, all people can use it with confidence.

In the washing machine

Window sill gaps and joints

Gap in the toilet base

In addition to easily solve the wallpaper, walls, sink countertops, toilet gaps, bathtub gaps, ceramic tile walls and other molds. Multi-purpose, say goodbye to mold.

1. Use a dry rag to dry the moldy area and open the product lid.

2. Apply directly to the mold spots, and let it stand for 4-8 hours until the mold spots decompose.

3. Wipe off excess stains and water stains with a rag. If you encounter stubborn mildew stains, repeat the above steps.

Effect comparison before and after use

Hurry up with such a convenient and quick mold removal gel.

Product Specification



Product size:

7cm × 20cm

Product weight:



Sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, thickener

Expiration date:

2 years


Gel texture, clean mold & mildew spots in 4-8 hours, sharp mouth design, clean almost every gaps, multiple application

2 reviews for Mold Removal Gel

    Mold Removal Gel photo review
    Su wei
    Mold Removal Gel photo review
    Mold Removal Gel photo review
    Mold Removal Gel photo review
    Szu teen
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