Mold Removal Gel

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Have you ever encountered such troubles?

The weather is damp, and the mold at home is increasing.

Not only affects the beauty, but also harmful to health.

I have used a lot of mold removal products, but the effect is not good, and the mold still appears repeatedly.

Today, I would like to  recommended mold removal gel, origin from the Japan’s brand “Worldlife”.

Mold Removal Gel 11 - Sneapy

This mold removal gel can quickly remove mold, and the cleaning effect can be seen after 4-8 hours of application.

Mold Removal Gel 12 - Sneapy

The gel-like pressing design is convenient for controlling the dosage and easy to use.

Mold Removal Gel 13 - Sneapy

Optimal raw materials, scientific formula, all people can use it with confidence.

Mold Removal Gel 14 - Sneapy

In the washing machine

Mold Removal Gel 15 - Sneapy

Window sill gaps and joints

Mold Removal Gel 16 - Sneapy

Gap in the toilet base

Mold Removal Gel 17 - Sneapy

In addition to easily solve the wallpaper, walls, sink countertops, toilet gaps, bathtub gaps, ceramic tile walls and other molds. Multi-purpose, say goodbye to mold.

Mold Removal Gel 18 - Sneapy

1. Use a dry rag to dry the moldy area and open the product lid.

Mold Removal Gel 19 - Sneapy

2. Apply directly to the mold spots, and let it stand for 4-8 hours until the mold spots decompose.

Mold Removal Gel 20 - Sneapy

3. Wipe off excess stains and water stains with a rag. If you encounter stubborn mildew stains, repeat the above steps.

Mold Removal Gel 21 - Sneapy

Effect comparison before and after use

Mold Removal Gel 22 - Sneapy

Hurry up with such a convenient and quick mold removal gel.

Mold Removal Gel 23 - Sneapy

Product Specification



Product size:

7cm × 20cm

Product weight:



Sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, thickener

Expiration date:

2 years


Gel texture, clean mold & mildew spots in 4-8 hours, sharp mouth design, clean almost every gaps, multiple application

Mold Removal Gel 24 - SneapyMold Removal Gel 25 - Sneapy


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