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Olympic athletes also love it, stretch the neck, relieve the stiffness of the neck muscles, and can also be used as an support tool for yoga

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What is this? Swimming kickboard?

In fact, this is the Necksaviour Mini cervical spine stretching massage board that I am using recently.

Can a foam board massage and stretch the cervical spine?

Of course, not only that, it is also an auxiliary tool for optimizing posture.

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Good posture not only affects physical health, but also has a great impact on a person’s temperament.

We often praise a certain female star who is born in ballet dancers for her beautiful temperament and tall figure, especially her swan-like slender neck line, which makes people can’t help but look at her.

Hey~ Who doesn’t want to have such a swan neck? Especially in spring and summer, how many people want to show their necks generously.

Now that you have it, you can make full use of it, with correct attitude management and scientific neck training, to develop a swan neck and be more confident.

Note: This product only serves as an auxiliary tool for optimizing the posture. For the correct method and operation, please consult relevant professionals and proceed under the guidance of professionals.


How it works?

Why does Necksaviour Mini neck stretch relieve neck discomfort?

The secret is that when bent, it generates a strong tensile force.

This force reduces the pressure on the joints and intervertebral discs, and stretches the cervical spine, which helps to relieve the pressure on the compressed parts of the neck.

As for how strong this stretch is, I tried to conquer it with a dumbbell, but it was evenly matched.

Patent certificate provided by the brand

The brand has also obtained a related invention patent (patent number: GB2500600)-a neck stretch board containing elastic materials.

Is it uncomfortable when stretching? Don’t worry, I will bring related evaluations next.

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I have been working at the desk for a long time, and my cervical spine is naturally a big problem. At the moment, the neck is hard.

Moreover, I am still a kind of phubber. In a natural relaxed state, my chin is only one finger away from the body.

In order to get rid of this bad state as soon as possible, I have been using Necksaviour Mini to stretch my neck during this period.

When lying flat, when I placed the folded and bent Necksaviour Mini behind my neck, the stretching force began to try to make the Necksaviour Mini return to a flat state.

But because the head and shoulders were placed on both ends of Necksaviour, which prevented it from returning, he could only stretch the neck continuously.

The stretching force exerted by the stretching board on the cervical spine is similar to that of Tai Chi, one stroke by one seems to be very soft, but in fact it is very powerful.

In the process of stretching and stretching the lower neck, I clearly felt that the stretching force did not only stay on the surface of the skin, but gradually penetrated into the muscles.

The neck is gradually stretching, and the pressure is releasing.

The stretching board is gradually soothing, massaged and scratched during the stretching process, like a happy switch on the neck, which is so cool.

After stretching for 15 minutes, I clearly felt that the curse on my neck was loosened, and even the pressure in my heart was relieved.

Note: The above are only personal feelings and are for reference only.

Note: When first used, there will be some pressure on the contact point and may feel uncomfortable, especially for people with sensitive necks or people with severe necks.

If you feel dizziness, nausea, dizziness, diplopia, increased pain (continuous), numbness, weakness of the neck, back or limbs, severe headache or difficulty swallowing, please contact the relevant professional doctor for advice.

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When stretching and massaging the cervical spine, we often use the term “feel so great” to describe it. This is really because our necks are “heavy for being in a high position”.

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Although the cervical spine is small, it has many functions. It is necessary to support the weight of the head at rest, and to lower, raise and rotate the head when moving.

The frequency of use is very high. Not only is the workload heavy, we also inadvertently “abusive” it.

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Although we don’t rely on our necks to write copy or take takeaways from our necks, a simple gesture can affect the health of our necks-bow our heads.

Maybe you don’t care about it, but the action of lowering your head is a bit too frequent.

If we lower our heads for a long time, in order to ensure sufficient support for the cervical spine, the muscles behind the neck must be forced to tighten.

If this is the case for a long time, this part of the muscles will naturally become over-tired and unable to become soft. At this time, you will feel that your neck is particularly stiff, and you will feel uncomfortable anywhere.

So, when you need to relieve neck discomfort like me, you can use it regularly as part of your daily maintenance plan.

In addition to daily use, Necksaviour Mini is also a good auxiliary force when scientifically training the neck muscles, which can help strengthen the muscles and stabilize the neck.

It is recommended by athletes, chiropractors, Pilates, yoga and Alexander technique coaches from all over the world.

Mary Bislan, who practices Pilates, found that Necksaviour Mini is very helpful in relieving tension, especially when doing pelvic scrolling, assisting in releasing and stabilizing all aspects of the exercise. The effect is very good.

Imogen Bankier, a Scottish female badminton player who participated in the 2012 London Olympics, also praised it.

It is also recommended after some sports, such as cycling or boating.

One-piece design, all you have to do is to bend it, relax it, and feel the stretch!

After getting the Necksaviour Mini, first choose the mode that suits you.

There are different foam arrangements on the black and white sides, and you can choose a strong or light traction according to your condition and comfort level. ·

High strength: the black surface is folded inward (left of the above picture) ·

Weak strength: Fold the white face inward (right of the above picture)

After that, bend it in half by hand.

Alternatively, one end can be placed in front of the shoulder while bending it into a “U” shape, and then the upper part of the neck/base of the skull can be placed on the other end.

Then lie on your back on a solid and comfortable ground, such as a yoga mat on the floor, and place the folded Necksaviour Mini under your neck with the opening facing up.

Note: Necksaviour Mini can work on the bed or sofa, as long as the supporting surface is not too soft to avoid performance and tensile strength being affected.

When the Necksaviour Mini is in place, it needs to be successfully held against it before being released so that it can maintain a “U” shape by the “blocking” of the head and shoulders.

During the stretching process, the head can be gently rotated or bent sideways until it feels correct and comfortable.

When the Necksaviour Mini slips or returns to a flat state, it needs to be repositioned.

When using it, try not to have loose hair on the neck. Girls or boys with long hair can tie it up, or use a hairpin or headband to fix it.

It is recommended to take off the jewelry, such as necklaces and dangling earrings, to avoid pulling them.

As for how many times a day, how long each time.

The advice given by the official website is:

When using for the first time, it is recommended to start from 2 minutes. Up to 3 times a day, add 1 minute each time, up to 15 to 20 minutes each time.

Pay attention to the time and don’t fall asleep when using it.

Note: If you have the following symptoms, you should not use Necksaviour Mini or other forms of stretching.

Acute or traumatic injury, spinal instability or fracture, severe rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord compression, infection, inflammatory disease, malignant tumor, insufficient blood supply to the vertebrobasilar artery, and other conditions that may be worsened by exercise, especially stretch.

Portable, comfortable and easy to use

The Necksaviour Mini weighs only 70 grams and has a lightweight shape. It comes with a storage bag and a hanging buckle, which can be easily hung on the bag and can be carried with you!

The foam used is skin-friendly and durable, and has also obtained CE certification abroad.

The applicability is strong, and there are many scenes that can be used.

At home, sofas, carpets, beds, and floors can be used as long as they are not too soft.

Gyms and yoga classrooms are all available, and there is no stress for outdoor use!

Last weekend was a prosperous day. I went out on a walk with my friends and lay directly on the lawn for a stretch.

With Necksaviour Mini pillowed on, the grass is wet and soft, exuding a rich smell, and it smells good. The cervical spine is stretched and relaxed.

You can also take it with you on vacation.

Two trees, one net, lying flat freely, lay on stretch board, looking up at the sky, or the cool sea breeze, or the fresh forest wind.

Regarding cleaning and maintenance:

After use, lay the Necksaviour Mini flat and do not let heavy objects stay on it to avoid compression and affect performance.

After use, wipe clean with a skin-friendly disinfectant and dry.

This product does not have disease prevention and treatment functions. This product cannot replace medical equipment. If you feel unwell, please consult a doctor in time and follow the doctor’s advice.

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25.5cm × 16.5cm × 4cm

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    Necksaviour Mini photo review
    Necksaviour Mini photo review
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