Nose Hair Trimmer Pro

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In fact, the human body has all kinds of hairs, but some hairs are too dense and can be very inelegant, such as nose hair.

Many men who pay attention to their face and shave normally every day, but the nose hair that grows in the nose is difficult to clean. For this reason, Smate has launched a Nose hair trimmer PRO product, which will solve the problem of men’s image.

Compared with some pens or barrel-shaped nose hair trimming products, the Smate adopt a unique design style, taking the lighters commonly used by men as a reference, and providing consumers with more styling choices.

The nose hair trimmer PRO grade adopts sharp line design to form a tough product character. After hundreds or thousands of hand-model optimizations, the original sharp lines and sharp prism design are original, and the hand feels good.

The product has only one button at the bottom. Long press for 2 seconds to unlock or lock the device. When it is successfully unlocked, short press to shut down. The operation is very simple.

On the left is the Type-C charging port. The official said that the built-in lithium battery can be fully charged in 3 hours. It can be used once a week, and it can be used for 1 minute each time to achieve 1 year of companionship.

In order to meet the trimming needs of different users, Smate nose hair trimmer PRO is equipped with a new retractable cutter head, which can be adjusted in length within 8-12mm. It is suitable for nasal cavities of different sizes and depths, greatly reducing nasal irritation and discomfort, personalized and comfortable trim.

After actual experience, there was no discomfort during the entire trimming process, and the operation of the two nostrils took only half a minute. I have used other brand products before and occasionally pull the nose hair.

The nose hair trimer PRO has a built-in double-edged stainless steel cutter head. Driven by a high-speed motor, the sharp inner knife cuts the nose hair in the cavity quickly and reduces the pulling of the nose hair. This is very commendable.

When the cleaning is completed, the cutter head needs to be removed for cleaning. You can also clean the whole device, because it has IPX7 waterproof function, which is hard to see in the market. After cleaning, it needs to be dried in a ventilated place.

As a tool product, nose hair trimer PRO can be said to be a good tool for maintaining a good image of men.

The style of the lighter is more suitable for men’s usage habits, and it is also very convenient to carry.

Finally, I still need to remind everyone that the nose hair is not redundant hair, as long as the trimming does not affect the appearance, and the nose hair trimmer PRO can adjust the height of the cutter head, or that sentence, it does not affect the image.


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