Nuy Storage Box


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Store everything casually

Compared to compartment storage box, single space storage box can be store in more casual way

Nuy Storage Box 5 - Sneapy

Living room use

Snacks, daily use

Nuy Storage Box 6 - Sneapy

Study room use

Stationary, books

Nuy Storage Box 7 - Sneapy

Bedroom use

Cosmetic, remote control

Nuy Storage Box 8 - Sneapy

Kitchen use

Container, jars

Nuy Storage Box 9 - Sneapy

Matte surface

Good texture and comfortable to touch

Nuy Storage Box 10 - Sneapy

Bottom stand

Prevent movement and wear

Nuy Storage Box 11 - Sneapy

Rounded corner design

Smooth & glitch-free

Nuy Storage Box 12 - Sneapy

Product Specification

Product size:

235mm × 170mm × 90mm

Product weight:




Nuy Storage Box 13 - SneapyNuy Storage Box 14 - Sneapy


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