One Second Refreshing Portable Head Massager


100 massage tentacles reach the scalp directly, giving you professional massage experience anytime, anywhere

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The current office workers are too busy at work, usually sitting in front of the computer for a day, staying up late at night to play games, often dizzy the next day, unable to lift energy.

The same goes for the elderly in the family. When they are older, they always feel uncomfortable everywhere.

Although such problems are often regarded as minor problems, they often affect normal work and study, and sleep quality and mood are not very good.

Today, we will introduce you a portable massage device that can give you professional massage shop experience at any time, from the brand UNPO.

Now, it’s this little cutie.

Its appearance has simply grabbed the job of the shampoo assistants!

After using this massager, my colleague was so comfortable that his eyes narrowed unconsciously. After 5 to 6 minutes, he feel relaxed.

The comfort comes from these four cute “small claws”, with 100 contacts on them, imitating the pressure of a human finger, rhythmically undulating and pinching, giving you a comfortable press.

When you overuse your brain for work and study, take it out and press it for a while, and you will soon return to a relaxed and efficient state.

Note: Just put it on the head and press it gently. For long hair, it is recommended to spread the hair and use it.

But saying that it can only press its head, but it really underestimates it.

Your tight trapezius muscles and forearms after working all day, It can take care of the uncomfortable calf and sole of the foot after the runaway.

This is not over yet!

Replaced with the complimentary face washing massage head, it is a face washing instrument. Massage while washing your face, don’t enjoy too much~

It is highly recommended for office workers and students. If you are tired from work and study, take it out and press a button to regain your vitality.

You can also buy it as a gift to your parents. It is easier to get tired when you get older. With it, it is like bringing a massage master to your home, and it is easier and more convenient to use.

It’s really cost-effective to be able to enjoy a massage at home any time for one time.


Japanese standard precision movement + soft silicone contacts

The massage head is made of silicone, which is soft and elastic.

Matched with Japanese standard precision movement. Every time you exert force, it is like a big gentle and powerful hand. When you are dizzy and swollen after a busy day, it will give you pressing, pinching and kneading.

Press it for a few minutes every day, and the whole person feels more comfortable and relaxed.

Tired from work during the day, take it out and press twice to relieve stress and work more efficiently;

Use it before going to bed at night to relieve the burden of the whole day and sleep soundly;

When washing your hair and taking a bath, you can also have a spa experience comparable to a massage parlor.

If you look closely, you will find that the tentacles of the massage head are very long.

Every time you use it for head massage, it can better massage the scalp and inject vitality into the scalp.

When I usually comb my hair, I also use it to massage for 1-2 minutes, which is very comfortable.

The massage head can be disassembled, and it is easy to replace and clean.

Reach IPX7 waterproof, the whole body is not afraid of water. You can also use it to relax your body and mind when taking a bath or washing your hair~


 3 levels of intensity adjustment in One simple button

Its usage is also very simple.

There is only one button in the whole device, so the elderly at home can use it easily.

Long press to turn on, short press to switch intensity, and then switch to: soft, strong, strong and weak alternately.

You can adjust the intensity in 3 levels according to personal preference.

It lasts for 10 minutes each time it is turned on, long press again to turn it off.

The built-in 1150mAh battery has a battery life of up to 150 minutes. It only needs to be charged once a week, so worry-free!

The sound is very small in operation, and it is not afraid of affecting your work and rest.

It is also very compact, the size of a palm, and weighs only 175g, not as heavy as a mobile phone (compared to iphone12), and it is not tiring for girls and the elderly to hold for a long time.

It does not take up space and is convenient to carry. You can put it in your bag for business trips and travel and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Each one comes with a stand, which is very convenient for charging and storing.

There is also a ring design on the side, which can be hung on the bathroom or dressing table.

There are two colors available: purple and white.

The faint light purple comes with French style, romantic and elegant.

White is more fresh and elegant, and it is versatile in any scene at home.

Product Specification



Product size:

80mm x 80mm x 55mm

Product weight:



ABS, Silicone

Battery capacity:


Duration of charging:


Standby time:


Suitable for:



1 year

What’s included:

Massager, base, massage head, magnetic charging cable, certificate, warranty card, manual


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