Pinky Wireless Egg Beater

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Wireless egg beating, the egg liquid is not easy to splash, fast, high-value, not tiring, and can be mixed with batter

Guess what is this? ? ?

During the lunch break, the editor took the “doll” that our chef used before and asked our colleagues, but no one guessed the correct answer.

It wasn’t until I put on the exclusive tools for it that they suddenly realized that it turned out to be an eggbeater?

Our photographer Hanven homemade strawberry cake

If you want to make delicious cakes, tarts, biscuits at home… Of course, an easy-to-use whisk can’t be missing!

It can save you a lot of time and effort, and will make the cake taste better to a certain extent.

“This is a super easy-to-use eggbeater… Our chef uses it to make the cake are comparable to 3 Michelin stars.”

Just when I was going to leave after showing off, “Wait…” A photographer who loves baking in the studio stopped me: “Most eggbeaters are wired. You can still Wireless use?”

That’s right! It is used wirelessly and can be moved anywhere, without being restricted by wires.

The baking enthusiast is in hot pursuit: “Is there enough power? Can the egg whites be dissipated quickly? There is still battery life. It will not take ten minutes to run out of power?”

This aroused my sense of victory and defeat, and immediately gave her the egg whites on the spot! In a short period of time, 5 egg whites quickly appeared dense foam.

Only when the egg whites have been beaten can the cakes become fluffy, otherwise the cakes will have various problems such as collapsed tops and waist reduction, and the taste will naturally be worse.

I also show her butter, cream, and batter on the spot… This little egg beater performed very well, which convinced the picky baking enthusiast and wanted to place an order right away.

Seeing this, you must be curious about the origin of this eggbeater.

This eggbeater comes from “Jazzpuss”. It changes the industrial style of conventional egg beaters, making the egg beater as cute as a hand-made.

The egg beaters on the market are much the same, there is no product that is eye-catching in design and function, and it is meaningless. And this time I finally found an eggbeater with excellent shape and strength.

At first, a colleague told me that there was an egg beater, which was not only good-looking but also very useful. I was quite disapproving. It wasn’t until after the trial that I was really convinced by it.

It can be used wirelessly and is equipped with two tools, one for beating eggs and the other for batter.

One of them is a 12-claw hair net. It is super convenient to make chiffon cakes, egg tarts, and biscuits by yourself.

The picture above shows me using an egg beater to make egg mixture when I was shooting. The freshly baked egg tarts are delicious!

The other is the spiral stirring rod, which can make the batter quickly and smoothly, and it is indispensable for making burritos and noodle snacks for children at home.

Another important point I think is that the traditional 7-shaped egg beater has the center of gravity at the front end, and it will get tired after a while. And this egg beater is specially designed in a “1” shape, and it is not easy to feel sore wrist after long time use.

The battery life of wireless use is also very long. In order to try it out, the editor made some snacks every day for a week without running out of power.

The sound is also very small when it is working. I often make snacks when my roommate is sleeping, and I have never woken her.

It was not until the time of shooting that I ran out of electricity after hitting countless eggs. When it was time to charge, I put it on the inductive charging stand and waited for it to be charged.

Whether you are a deep baking lover or a person who likes to cook, leave it to the egg beater!

The design is outstanding, and it is like an ornament in any place at home.

Small size丨Human mechanics丨Bubble net丨Endurance

Before writing this blog, the editor also collected a lot of egg beaters, and found that most of the egg beaters are very large and have a 7-shaped shape. This shape is very unfriendly to many girls with small hands, which will make your wrists tied easily.

When designing this egg beater, Jazzpuss are working very hard. They wanted to make a product that was different from most egg beaters. Small, wireless, fast, and long battery life are their basic demands for this eggbeater.

As a Jazzpuss engineer, there is really took them thousand of sleepless night. He drew the N version of the manuscript, the sample machine…continuously overthrowing and restarting, and finally determined the “1” shape of the doll.

Traditional egg beating is mostly simple industrial design style, and Jazzpuss wants every product user to enjoy the kitchen time and break the tradition.

The low-saturation pink of the paint surface of the eggbeater body stands on the tabletop, looks cute and can become a work of art even at home.

But it is not easy to make such a small egg beater with enough internal power.

Jazzpuss made two patents to reduce and then reduce the internal space, reduce all unnecessary gaps, and maximize the utilization of internal space to make such a delicate eggbeater.

(Design patent number: 202030296456.3, utility model patent number: 202021075808.3)

Compared with the traditional 7-shaped egg beater, the Jazzpuss egg beater has a 1-shaped design. It moves the motor gravity down to the center of the palm, which can avoid wrist soreness during use to some extent.

The curved concave part of the whisk body fits our hand shape, and the grip is also very comfortable.

When the editor was shooting, I couldn’t count how many eggs I beat, and I didn’t feel tired.

Egg white foam

In addition to the excellent technology of the body of the whisk, the number and shape of the claw lines also determine the whisking effect.

This egg beater adopts a stainless steel 12-claw beating net with a two-stage lantern shape. The contact surface with the egg liquid is larger when the egg is beaten. The egg liquid is not easy to splash, and it can quickly produce a fluffy effect.

The butter that you must use to make biscuits, the whipped cream that is necessary for cream cakes, and the egg whites that are needed for chiffon cakes, turn it around twice and it will quickly become puffy.

Another spiral stirring rod is equipped, which is perfect for making omelets and batter for children.

It also has a strong endurance, a large battery capacity of 2400mAh, and can continuously “work” for 60 minutes. I tried it and it is no problem to make 10pcs of 8-inch chiffon cakes.

The whole device has only one button, and the control switch and two-step operation are all on this one button, which is super convenient.

First gear – batter

Second gear – egg beating

Generally speaking, the 1st gear is suitable for us to stir the batter and butter, and the 2nd gear is suitable for egg beating.

When in use, press the button once to enter the first gear, press again to enter the second gear, and press again to shut down.

When you want to change the stirring rod, just use its upper and lower bayonet to directly align it with the card slot of the body.

Normally charge, plug the cable into the charging station and put the whisk directly on it. Each charge is about 3 hours.

There are surprises everywhere in life. Once I put the toothbrush on it, I didn’t expect it to start charging too, probably because it was all inductive charging.

It can be standing when not in use, it is easy to use, and it occupies a small area and saves storage.

Product size: 100mm×100mm×209mm.

Product Specification

Product size:




Battery capacity:




Charging time:

3 hours

What’s inside the box:

Charging cable x1, charging base x1, mixing paddle x1, egg-beating net x1


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