Portable Electric Toothbrush

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Small and portable, it can emit 30,000 amplitudes per minute, can deeply clean the teeth, 3 colors are available, and the design is very elegant

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Traveling and business trips will always have a small toothbrush that is easy to use.
The toothbrushes in the hotel are too stiff, and they are often brushed with blood, which is not environmentally friendly.

The electric toothbrush at home is too big, so it’s very troublesome to carry.

What does a small, easy-to-use toothbrush look like?

The editor interviewed several colleagues and summed up the above answers.

Unexpectedly, the small toothbrush that meets such harsh conditions was really found by the colleagues!

It comes from the brand “Soodo”.

Includes an electric toothbrush, and a cover.

It looks like a lipstick design with a super high value.

It has a small shape and can be put into a cosmetic bag with a lid.

It is hygienic and convenient. Carry it with you, without any burden.

There are many portable electric toothbrushes on the market, and there are many weak point.

In pursuit of portability, some of the comfort and cleanliness are sacrificed, and the vibration frequency is simply funny.

And this Electric Toothbrush, don’t look at it is small, but the power is quite strong, the vibration frequency can reach 30,000 times / minute!

Easily brush the dirt off your teeth.

More saving effort and clean more thorough than manual toothbrush.

In terms of cleaning power, it can also be comparable to those notable brand of household electric toothbrush.

The bristles of the toothbrush are in intimate contact with the mouth, and the degree of softness is also particularly important.

There are 1500 bristles on the brush head, all of which use Toray bristles imported from Japan. They are very soft and do not irritate the mouth at all.

There are two types of brush heads:

The white bristles, with the addition of silver ions, can play a role in inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

The black bristles, with the addition of bamboo charcoal, help deodorize and refresh your breath.

No recharging is required, and it is equipped with one AA battery, which is enough for it to work for 1 year. (According to the use twice a day, every time it takes 2 minutes)

Convenient, power saving, suitable for lazy people.

Carry it on business trips, convenient, hygienic, and environmentally friendly.

Prepare one in the company. After lunch, brush and brush your teeth after eating snacks, healthy and at ease.

It’s also very convenient for those who wear braces to clean the dirt on the braces.

The cover is available in three colors:

black, pink and white.

Among them, the toothbrushes in the white cover and pink cover are white.

The Soodo Portable Electric Toothbrush is now exclusively available in Sneapy.

Such a small electric toothbrush that can hardly pick out any shortcomings can be bought for less than a hundred ringgit, which is really worth it!

People who have used electric toothbrushes know it well.

When you brush your teeth manually, you will desperately brush with your hands, and the frequency of brushing your teeth is at most hundreds of times a minute.

The electric toothbrush can generate up to tens thousands of vibrations per minute, which can clean the dirt on the surface of the teeth and between the teeth very efficiently.

For a lazy person, using an electric toothbrush is really super cool!

Just put it in your mouth and change direction and position with  up and down, left and right, and it will help you clean your teeth perfectly.

However, household electric toothbrushes tend to be relatively large and need to be recharged from time to time.

It is a bit of a burden to carry them out.

Soodo discovered this problem.

After a comprehensive study of the dietary habits, oral structure, common problems and tooth brushing habits of Asian, they launched such a small electric toothbrush that can truly be used everywhere.

Very suitable to carry it with just put it into the cosmetic bag, so it is convenient to use at any time.

If you look closely, the bristles of the toothbrush are tapered, thin at the top and thick at the bottom, and have a particularly strong cleaning effect on the tooth surface and tooth gap.

Take it with you at any time, and you can clean it and feel comfortable at any time!

Design according to the size of the palm of an Asian, Soodo also carefully designed and debug the details such as the diameter of the toothbrush body.

The bottom of the toothbrush is rounded and comfortable to hold.

It gets slimmer as it reaches the top and reaches into the cavity without feeling irritating.

For those who use electric toothbrushes at home, keep one with them.

For those who have not used an electric toothbrush, may wish to use it as an “Entry Model”, affordable and easy to use.

There is an indicator on the bottom of the toothbrush, from left to right:

Replace the battery, shut down, and turn on.

When starting up, rotate the bottom dial to the far right, align the indicator line on the dial with the indicator line on the far right, and the toothbrush will start to vibrate.

Each toothbrush has a built-in AA battery by default, ensuring that you can use it immediately after receiving it.

After booting, you can brush your teeth in different areas.

Stay on the outer flank and inner area of ​​the upper, lower, left, and right of the teeth for a period of time, but do not need to brush for too long. The official recommendation is that brushing for about 2 minutes each time is enough to clean the entire tooth.

After brushing, align the indicator line with the middle line and shut down.

After brushing, rinse with water.

IPX5 waterproof, which means you can rinse with confidence without worrying about damaging the toothbrush.

After brushing and cleaning the toothbrush, buckle the cover to avoid falling dust.

There are ventilation holes on the top of the cover, which is not easy to mold and smell.

When replacing the battery, align the indicator line on the bottom turntable with the leftmost indicator point on the top and pull it down to replace.

The bottom of the toothbrush is stable and can be placed upright.

The packaging is also very novel and unique, and it is also very handy for giving away.


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