Portable Juicer 2.0

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Brand new design

The cup body is specially designed with concave-convex pattern, which is simple and beautiful, comfortable to grip and prevent hand slip.

Portable Juicer 2.0 11 - Sneapy

New Wireless Charge mode

When you want to charge it, flip the cup upside down on the base, and the base indicator light flashes white, which means that it is charged. The charging base is safe and waterproof, not easy to leave stains.

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Blend your juice anywhere, anytime

The cup weight only 450g, with 300ml which is suitable volume for one person, easy to carry.

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Safety design

The cup body has a special alignment and magnetic induction buckle (small gray dots in the picture). When blending the juice or carrying it with you, please tighten the lid to align the upper and lower snap points.

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Easy to use

The switch is located on the top of the cup lid. Double-click to turn on the power and turn off with one click.

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Hidden blade

304 stainless steel material, the rotation speed is up to 21000 rpm (this speed is higher than the average household juicer), the juice is strong and powerful, even smoothies can be made, and the juice is delicate and delicious.

The cutter head is designed below the horizontal line of the cup lid, which greatly reduces the chance of daily contact with the cutter head and improves safety.

Portable Juicer 2.0 16 - Sneapy

Anti-skid design

There is a anti-skid base at the bottom, which is not easy to slip.

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USB cable interface

The USB cable interface is convenient for connecting any charger and power bank. You can also connect the car charger to charge it.

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Your juice are ready in 40Sec

It takes only 40 seconds to make all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices, milkshakes, baby food supplements, etc. It is a must-have for blending fruit juice.

Whether you are on a business trip, traveling, commuting to work, or going to the gym, you can always have a taste of freshly juice.

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Product Specification

Product size:

8.3cm * 18.6cm

Product weight:



PCTG, Tritan









Charging type:

Wireless charger

Charging time:

4 hours

Rotating speed:

17000 – 19000r/min


Portable to carry, lightweight, wireless charge,




1 year warranty period

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5 reviews for Portable Juicer 2.0

    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    San San Wong
    杯子非常满意,颜色也漂亮,榨汁可口,还有很多Free Gift超值得的,非常满意开心的一次购物。
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    Rachael Tan
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    I bought it for milkshake. The sound of the juicer is very low, so it is very easy to use.
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    sook yan
    Finally i received mine! the quality is really good, very easy to blend.
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    Portable Juicer 2.0 photo review
    Zoey Chin
    我终于拥有它啦!!用了几天再来评价我真的太爱了。 这款榨汁杯真的是懒人神器,我其实很喜欢榨果汁酸奶,但是家里的大型榨汁机清洗起来很麻烦,分量也不好控制,这个榨汁杯完美解决了我的问题,早餐一人份刚刚好,用完冲一下或者打一遍清水就很干净了。
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