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Make juice and smoothie in a minute

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Introducing Portable Juicer from England

Lightweight and portable, you can easily put it to your carry-on bag, allowing you to blend fresh juice anytime, anywhere.

Drink it instantly

Drink the juice without pouring it into another cup. Just rinse the cup after drinking, it is necessary for lazy people.

It is almost same size with a thermos and can be recharged

The battery capacity is 1400mAh, which can be fully charged in 1-2 hours, and the battery can be used for 10 times continuously (the device will set the juice for 40 seconds once, and it will automatically stop after 40 seconds).

Blend your juice in 30 second

Cut the flesh into pieces put to the cup, add liquid such as water or milk, tighten the lid, double-click the switch, turn the cup upside down, and shake it up and down slightly, a cup of freshly juice is ready.

Strong blender and safety

Concealed flat blade, 304 stainless steel, rotating speed up to 21,000 rpm (this speed is higher than the average household juicer), strong and powerful juice extraction, even smoothies, the squeezed juice is delicate Delicious.

The cutter head is designed below the cup lid horizontal line, which greatly reduces the chance of daily contact with the cutter head and improves safety.

In addition, the cutter head can only be activated after the cup lid is tightly closed; when the cup lid is opened and the switch is pressed, the cutter head will not rotate-to avoid accidentally hurting your fingers.

Easy to use

The switch is located on the top of the cup lid, double-click to turn on, and one-click to shut down.

300ml volume

The maximum capacity is 300ml. When putting ingredients and water, do not exceed the “maximum” scale line inside the cup.

Safety designed

The cup body has a special alignment and magnetic induction buckle (marked in red in the figure). When juicing or carrying it with you, please tighten the lid so that the upper and lower snap points are aligned.

Magnetic charging designed

Magnetic charging, no plug and unplug, safe and waterproof, no stains left.

USB cable interface

The USB cable interface is convenient for docking with any powerbank and charger.

You can also connect a car charger to charge it.

Easy to clean

There is no complicated structure of the blade set, and it can be cleaned simply by flushing.

Blend your juicer whenever you go

Silicone cup strap is durable and easy to carry around.

The cup cover is also made of silicone. It is specially designed with concave and convex patterns, which is simple and beautiful, comfortable to grip and prevent slipping.

Replenish energy in time

Whether traveling for business trip, traveling, commuting to work, or going to the gym, you can always have a taste of freshly blend juice.

Product Packaging

Displayed as below photo.

Product Specification


Morphy Richards



Product weight:






Charging time:

About 30~60 minutes for the first time, about 1~2 hours afterwards.

One-time maximum juice yield:


Juicer maximum speed:

21000 rev / min

12 reviews for Portable Juicer

    Portable Juicer photo review
    Yeap Su Yong
    With this portable blender , I can blend my smoothie anywhere anytime.

    Worthy every penny !
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Wei Siang
    Overall not bad, the quality is good, very light to carry, blending speed is fast
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Carey Tan
    Just received the parcel, it works perfectly as described.
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Easy to blend, love it!
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Very beautiful, very suitable to bring to office
    hui xin lim
    It is quite good. The juice is fine and there is no residue left in the bottle. my colleague saw it and bought one also. just not sure whether the blade is durable or not.
    joyce chong
    Bought blue color, unexpected fast delivery. Thanks Sneapy!
    Portable Juicer photo review
    may qing
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Ka yee
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Kai Ning
    Felicia Yong
    Portable Juicer photo review
    Yap Yoon Fong
    这个母亲节送给妈妈和姑姑作为母亲节礼物,用妈妈的来榨一杯strawberry milkshake,好用!方便又很快!还很好清洗呢!最后包装也很结实,发货挺快的,很喜欢!
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