Portable Kettle Rainbow Cup

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Drinking water is a real necessity.

In order to let you drink clean hot water more calmly, we have found a particularly beautiful electric heating water bottle for you!

An old friend from the Sneapy, the Korean brand “Daewoo”.

There are various colors to choose from, there are white, yellow, green, orange, purple, 5 colors to choose from, each color looks good!

It also has a nice nickname called “Rainbow Cup”, you see, just looking at the appearance, who would have thought it was a kettle?

In recent years, the kettles on the market have become smaller and smaller, and they look better and better. Daewoo can make the kettle so good-looking, how can this make other kettles live? !

It’s so light!

300mL capacity, only the size of a thermos cup.

The self-weight is only about 480g, which is lighter than a bottle of mineral water, and it is very light to hold in your hand.

It is especially suitable to carry it on business trips and travel.

No longer have to endure the dirty kettle in the hotel, be your own exclusive kettle!

It is convenient to boil water, and multiple water temperatures can be selected.

It can help you boil water when it is powered on. The 300W power is also very convenient for the students living in the dormitory.

45°C, 60°C, 80°C, 100°C, four water temperatures can be freely selected.

Boils water fast! Hot water at 45°C will cook for you in just 1 minute.

Make milk, make oatmeal, make tea, make coffee, boil boiled water, make instant noodles… everything is good!

Anytime you want to drink something hot, it always satisfies you, which is full of happiness. Girls can use it to make a cup of red jujube water in the days when the waist and abdomen are uncomfortable during the menstrual period, and the body will also feel more relaxed.

Especially praise this 45 ℃ milk function, which is very suitable for mothers. Carry it with you, and you can make a cup of milk for your baby calmly and conveniently when you take your baby shopping.

The electric hot water cup has its own heat preservation function, which can be kept warm for 8 hours without being plugged in!

It is a thermos cup without electricity, and you can drink warm water at any time during the commute.

The inner tank is made of 316 stainless steel, and the outer layer is made of 304 stainless steel.

The material is safe, solid, odorless, and very durable.

The sealing is also very good, and there is no need to worry about leakage in the package after tightening.

Sometimes busy with work, and I really forget about drinking water. And now with such a beautiful beaker beside me, I’m in love with drink more hot water~

In fact, this is not the first time Daewoo has made a portable kettle. We have recommended this one on the picture before, and it is very easy to use.

The sales are good.

This time, under the premise of maintaining the functional level, Daewoo has improved the appearance and usability of the product a lot.

Longer holding time:

The previous model can only be kept warm for 2~3 hours when it is not plugged in, while the rainbow cup can be kept warm for about 8 hours, which is comparable to many professional vacuum cups!

Note: The thermal insulation data is measured by Daewoo Laboratory at room temperature of 25°C, for reference only, please refer to the actual use effect.

Smaller and better looking:

Boil the water, screw on the lid, pick it up and go, just as convenient as picking up a thermos, light and no burden!

Better feel and easier to hold:

The diameter of the rainbow cup is only 7.4cm, and even children can hold it.

It is also equipped with a silicone handle, which can be carried away if you are too lazy to hold it.

For some beakers, the lid must be opened to boil water. In case of accidental knocking, it is easy to burn.

The Daewoo Rainbow Cup can be boiled with a lid on.

Because there is an exhaust valve on the lid, when boiling water, the internal air pressure will be released in one direction to avoid internal expansion, and it is very safe to use.

Note: When using at high altitudes of 1500 meters or above, be sure to open the lid and boil water to avoid burns.

When adding water, do not exceed the upper water line inside the cup.

After power on, click to select the boiling water temperature.

Once selected, it starts to boil water.

There is a temperature control sensor inside, the temperature control is very accurate.

We boiled 80°C water to make the tea and it was done in less than 5 minutes.

Note: There are differences in the actual temperature, climate and other factors in different regions, and the heating time will be different.

When it running, the sound is also quiet.

When powered on, it can also help you keep warm for 12 hours continuously.

Note: 45 ℃, 60 ℃, 80 ℃ heat preservation, is to maintain the original set temperature, 100 ℃ heat preservation is about 45 ℃.

There are also intimate anti-dry burning, anti-overload, plateau protection, and fuse protection, which are very safe to use.

The wire length is 70cm.


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