Portable Rechargeable Mini Fan

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Recommend a good product for outdoor, Portable Rechargeable Mini Fan.

Malaysia is hot and humid, when you need to go out or stay at home, this product can be used in most of environments.

Particularly suitable for students, equipped with a lanyard, convenient to use in dormitories, libraries, classrooms.


1. High wind power 2. Scientific air supply angle 3. Low noise

4. Durable and durable 5. two level of adjustment 6. Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable.

The safety cover is specially designed for children (you can’t put your fingers in), which is more intimate and safe.

Equipped with a lanyard, it is easy to carry when traveling outdoors and not easy to lose.

It can be placed on the desktop and used indoors with air conditioners to make it more refreshing.

It can be handheld and is more ergonomically designed.

Rotary switch, easy to operate.

Note: The weak gear is suitable for indoor use. The strong gear is suitable for outdoor use.

The detachable wind hood is easy to clean and more sanitary.

The spherical deflector wind hood has more concentrated air volume.

Scientific air supply angle to avoid direct blowing on the face.

Equipped with brushless motor, quiet and stable.

Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable, more energy saving and environmental friendly.

Suitable for library use.

Suitable for outdoor use.

Suitable for office use.

Suitable for children

Available in 2 colors: light pink/light gray.

Minimalist style packaging, a good product for household use.

The package includes a manual, a 20CM charging cable, and the fan product.

Product Specification

Product size:






Charging type:


Battery capacity:


Time required to fully charge:

3 hours

Battery life:

2-7 hours

Cable cord length:


What’s inside the box:

Product, charging cable, manual

Brand name:



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