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The electric kettle can be regarded as one of the small household appliances that can really improve the quality of life and enhance the sense of happiness.

Someone is about to say, it’s all about boiling the water. Is there any difference between this electric kettle and that electric kettle?

Of course there is a difference, and the difference is big!

The same is boiling water, and the water poured from the ugly stainless steel electric kettle makes people feel dull and tasteless.

The hot water poured from the high-value electric kettle gives people a “sweet” feeling.

The improvement of happiness is not only reflected in the appearance, but also in many very intimate designs and functions.

Now I would like to recommend a very beautiful and practical electric kettle- Retro Electric Kettle, from the kitchen appliance brand “Qcooker”.

The retro design, the temperature dial with a sense of age, and the hand-switching buttons. Watching the heat coming out of boiling water, there is a sense of traveling back to the “steam age”.

Retro design, the pot body is like a chubby little penguin, so cute.

With a large capacity of 1.7L, a pot of water can meet the daily drinking volume.

The switch is a mechanical operating lever. When you press it lightly, it starts to boil water, and the boiling water indicator lights up.

To show the effect, the animation has been accelerated

As the water temperature rises, the dial of the kettle body will rotate in real time to display the current water temperature.

The dial of the kettle body incorporates the visual elements of the instrument panel of a classic vintage car, exuding a strong retro atmosphere.

The temperature is displayed in real time, 40~60℃ is suitable for making milk powder, 85~90℃ is suitable for making tea, and you can drink it safely after boiling water at 100℃.

After the water is heated to 100°C, the switch will automatically pop up, turn off the power, and the boiling water indicator will go out.

It takes about 4 to 5 minutes to boil a pot of 1.7 liters of water.

The streamlined plastic handle provides a comfortable grip and saves effort when pouring water.

The 360° rotating base can be taken or placed arbitrarily, and it is not easy to move when taken and placed.

The spout with large opening is convenient for filling water.

The kettle with a temperature dial has a built-in temperature sensor to facilitate the transmission of real-time water temperature.

The built-in water gauge, the maximum water injection volume and the minimum water injection volume, are clearly marked, and it is impossible to not see it when filling water.

With such a clear water gauge, you can really know what to do when you fill in water and prevent dry burning or overflow.

The kettle body is made of all-inclusive 304 food-grade, contactable stainless steel, which will not produce harmful substances when boiling at high temperature, and the boiling water has no peculiar smell.

The inner tank is corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, not easy to produce scale, and easy to clean.

The heating chassis adopts the British Strix thermostat, which has strong temperature control ability, high safety factor, and precise temperature control, which eliminates “half-raw water”. Every mouthful of boiled water is safe and guaranteed.

The thermostat also has the function of preventing dry burning and power failure, making daily use safer.

The chassis has a power cord storage slot, and the length of the cord can be adjusted at will.

The power cord is 0.75 meters long, and the extra cord can be stored in the bottom slot, making it more beautiful on the table.

No matter where it is placed in the home, it is a beautiful scenery, which can enhance the texture of the home in one second.

Product Specification

Product size:

235mm × 180mm × 220mm




Stainless Steel






With temperature dial

Power cord length:


What’s inside the box:

Electric kettle x1, base x1

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