Retro Record Thermostatic Electric Coaster


Digital display constant temperature coaster, three-level of temperature adjustment, four-level of timer, 24 hours continuous constant temperature, no cup adjustment, energy-saving and power-saving

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The warmth for you is just right.

Three-level of temperature adjustment, four-level of timing, constant temperature for a long time, PTC rapid heating, energy-saving and power-saving.

The retro design

Visualized temperature, safe and guaranteed.

Every bite can feel the warmth to the heart.

Intelligent constant temperature, long-term warm protection.

Drink at 55℃, don’t just say “drink more hot water” to her.

Note: The temperature can be heated to 70℃, the data comes from the brand laboratory.

Three-level of temperature adjustment, only one button. Meet your multiple needs.

About 70℃, hot milk tea, coffee.

About 55℃, hot flower nectar, honey water.

About 40℃, hot milk, baby milk, etc.

Note: Take about 55℃ as the equilibrium temperature. According to the outside weather temperature and the thickness of the cup, the water capacity of the cup, whether it is covered or not, there will be a certain difference in temperature.

Fast uniform heating, excellent heating film, uniform heating and fast heating, better heat preservation effect.

Easy to use, bring unlimited possibilities for heating.

Instruction to use:

①Turn on/off temperature adjustment: long press this button to turn on/off. Short press this button to switch between 40°C/55°C/70°C.

②Timer button: Short press this button for 2 hours/4 hours/6 hours/8 hours to switch cyclically.

Using PTC rapid heating technology, put it at hand and heat up quickly.

Anti-forgetting design, automatic power off at regular intervals.

2 hours/4 hours/6 hours/8 hours timed automatic power off, taking care of your occasional small forgetfulness.

Operation mode: just press the button lightly, no need to push.

Compatible with a variety of flat-bottomed drinking glasses, to accommodate your small picks.

tips: It is recommended to use a water cup with a flat water cup, and the thermos cup and double-layer glass cannot be heated.

Safe and energy-saving, low-consumption design.

25W low power, it can also be used with limited power. The 1.5-meter extension cable allows free space to play.

Give you a warm hearty drink.

Take a break from the busy, keep a beautiful and good mood, and have it silently accompany you when you struggle. Give you warmth from the inside out.

The details are more warm. Sleek edge design, one-button control, non-slip silicone backing.

Share the warmth with the closest people.

Product Specification

Product size:





PC, metal, silicone base

Battery type:

Plug-in cable


Constant temperature, heating

Cable cord length:


What’s inside the box:

Constant temperature coaster (with power cord), manual


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