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At the beginning of the new year, people are busy deep cleaning their homes. Not only washing dishes and sweeping the floor, but also cleaning up all the accumulated dirt, this year has been a good start.

But those long-standing stains are not easy to clean.

For example, the scale on the shower and faucet in the bathroom, the grease on the kitchen appliances and the stove are all difficult to deal with.

In particular, we pay attention to heavy oil and fire when cooking, and the kitchen is “Epicenter”.

Fortunately, our purchaser and colleague found a magical decontamination eraser in time, from our old friends Worldlife.

Different from the general eraser, the stain remover eraser can remove stubborn stains without hurting the appliance!

Without further ado, let’s see the effect directly.

This is the pot plucked from the studio. After wiping it with a stain remover eraser, the white porcelain milk pot looks brand new!

The iron pan on the left was basically wiped clean, but there were some scratches left.

It seems to be covered with a layer of gauze, and it looks a bit “dirty”, so it was considered that the effect was not good, and it was almost withdrawn!

Later, after I took it home and used it, I discovered the correct way to use the stain remover eraser – rinse it with warm water and wipe it!

I wiped off the stain with little effort, without leaving dirty scratches, and the bottom of the pan was as polished as possible.

Fortunately, I didn’t give up, let it have a chance to use the effect to rectify its name!

Then, as if I had discovered a treasure, I wiped various places with a stain-removing eraser.

Look, the landlord’s faucet that has accumulated scale for many years, after wiping it with an eraser and water, it is so bright and reflective!

There is also a mini rice cooker that I have used for many years. After using the stain remover eraser, it has returned to its “white, tender and lovely” appearance.

Electric appliances like this that shouldn’t be washed with water can be dry wiped with good results.

I have few utensils at home, and it takes less than one-third of the time to wipe it.

The cleaned items can be cleaned with a rag every day, and only the cleaning eraser needs to be taken out for special cleaning.

In this way, even for a family with many utensils, one piece a year is almost enough.

New Year’s cleaning, it’s really a lot easier to have it help

Physical friction to remove stains, gentle cleaning without hurting utensils

Stain removal erasers look and feel similar to normal erasers, and they also rub mud when they are used.

It’s hard to imagine that it can handle stubborn stains!

The secret of its decontamination comes from the specially added physical abrasive in the rubber.

To put it simply, it is very fine friction particles, which can break down stains through friction and protect the glaze well.

In case of stubborn stains, the eraser will be better cleaned with a little water.

Stain removal erasers mainly remove stains by physical friction without adding additional chemical cleaners.

Gentle decontamination, can also be used on tableware.

The elastic rubber material makes it not easy to break during use.

The special square corner design can easily clean the scale or black mold in the gap, and the edges and corners will not be spared.

After use, rinse with water and dry it for storage.

The stain removal eraser is small in size, easy to store, not easy to mold and deteriorate, and one piece can be used for a long time.

Such a good thing, of course, can’t stop to share it with everyone.

Beautifully packaged, it is also very innovative as a small gift for friends around you.

A good helper for deep cleaning

Wide range of applications, specially for stubborn stains

Stain removal eraser has a very wide range of applications.

In addition to the pot bottom sink, it also has a good decontamination effect on the mirror or glass, and the water stains on the hanging mirror are wiped clean.

In addition, it also has a certain polishing effect on metals and ceramics.

Objects wiped with it look brand new, and it makes people feel happy just by looking at them.

Home appliances that are not suitable for wash, such as microwave ovens, can also be used for dry wiping.

It has excellent cleaning power, and it is relatively safer to clean without water.

There are also those indelible handwriting on the marker board, you can also use it to erase!

Handwriting on the wall should be used with care, as repeated wiping may rub off the wall paint.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, you can use it to break through the difficult stains in your home.

A small piece can be used in so many places without the need for tools such as brushes, cleaners, etc. It is a tool for money saving!

The length, width and thickness of the Stain Removal Eraser are about 8cm x 2.5cm x 1.3cm. It is a good helper for deep cleaning that can be grasped with two fingers!


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