Sterilization Toothbrush Holder

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UVC ultraviolet ray sterilization, turbo fan air drying, sterilization rate can reach 99.99%, 2400mAH battery long standby


I brush my teeth carefully every day, but there is still no way to avoid oral problems like breath and bleeding gums. The problem may lie in the brush head.

Careless cleaning of the brush head will cause a large number of bacteria to adhere and the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced, resulting in the expected cleaning effect not being achieved within the expected time, which will cause various oral diseases.

If you have the same problem, then we have to recommend this for you-SOTHING Sterilization Toothbrush Holder.

1. Sterilization mechanism

Through the UVC ultraviolet surround sterilization + turbofan air-drying method, the two-pronged approach can beat the bacteria to the water.

The ultraviolet light with actual sterilization effect is UVC, which has a wavelength of 200 nm to 280 nm. It is a short-wavelength and strong-energy ultraviolet. After a short time of irradiation, it can destroy the cell structure of microorganisms, so that the cells cannot reproduce and die, achieving sterilization. effect. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp used here is of this band.

The turbo fan quickly blows away the water droplets attached to the toothbrush bristles to create a dry internal environment. A humid, dark, and constant temperature environment is a hotbed for rapid bacterial growth. From the source, it’s hard to grasp.

2. Intelligent and convenient

In terms of dust resistance, the sliding cover design is adopted, which is very convenient to take the toothbrush with a light stroke. And this sliding cover is also a trigger device for smart preset programs.

In the power-on state, when the sliding cover is opened, the machine will automatically stop working immediately to minimize UV ​​leakage and ensure safe use. Everyone knows that ultraviolet rays will make the skin tan, right? Other aspects are very safe~

Sothing Sterilization Toothbrush Holder has 2 working modes, both of which are sterilized and air-dried at the same time. The difference lies in the duration and activation method.

Daily cleaning mode: 3 minutes, the starting method is lightly pressing the open button, or through the action of closing the sliding cover, it is automatically triggered, without manual operation. Every time you use your toothbrush, put it back in the toothbrush holder, close the lid, and start automatic cleaning, saving worry and effort.

Deep cleaning mode: 20 minutes, the starting method is to press and hold the switch for 2 seconds. It is recommended to use it at least once a month to thoroughly dry the inside of the product.

Moreover, the working status of power, UV sterilization, and fan settings can all be seen on the LED visual screen on the host. From here, you can clearly see how much power is left, and you don’t need to calculate it silently.

3. Product details

The toothbrush holder has 5 independent toothbrush holes to meet the needs of most families.

In addition, the toothbrush holder has a snap-in design, and it can also be removed separately for washing with water. Toothpaste stains and water marks left over from daily use can be easily washed off to maintain hygiene.

The product structure adopts a separate design for the main unit and the hanging plate, and the adhesive on the hanging plate can be directly attached to the wall during installation without drilling holes.

In addition, there is a warm reminder, please remember to choose the location when installing. This adhesive is too strong, and most people can’t pull it off and re-attach it.

The separate design also makes it easier to charge later. You can just take the host off and charge it directly, so you don’t need to pull the wiring board to accommodate this machine.

The Type-C charging interface is now more mainstream and compatible with other Type-C charging cables.

The product is equipped with a 2400mAh dual-cell lithium battery, a large-capacity rechargeable battery, and it is taking the right path of recycling energy and environmental protection.

To Use the daily cleaning mode twice a day, every 3 minutes, you can use it continuously for about 30 days.

There is also an automatic toothpaste squeezer of the same color that is matched with the sterilization toothbrush holder, but it needs to be purchased separately. This uses the principle of negative pressure to squeeze out the toothpaste, remember not to leave a gap when installing the toothpaste.

In the first use, it needs to be pressed several times to empty the internal air to smoothly squeeze out the toothpaste. However, it will be very convenient afterwards. With a light push, you can release a sufficient amount of good-looking toothpaste strips every time, giving you a new experience of brushing your teeth.

The size of the device is not big, and the length is 2 cm longer than the palm of a girl’s hand. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, a small wall can be cleaned up for the convenience of placement.

To Enjoy the bathroom countertop, without knowing how to place a good toothpaste and toothbrush. You don’t need to touch the water left over from the last time every time you brush your teeth.

Ten years ago, if you had a lot of money, you wanted to buy bags and watches that were out of the brand name, so that others would know you were doing well.

To In 2020, if you have plenty of money, there is actually no end to the pursuit of money and material. Perhaps you can spend more money on things that can make yourself and your family healthier.

The following is the inspection report, so you can use it at ease

Product Specification

Product size:

202mm × 72mm × 42mm



Battery capacity:




Cable cord length:

1 M

What’s inside the box:

Device x1, cable cord x1, manual book x1


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