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If you can’t get up in the morning without that cup of tea, there’s one very important thing you’ll need to know – how to clean tea stains from mugs.

Those brown rings around the top of your cup aren’t unhygienic, but they can spoil the look of a porcelain tea set. Serving guests’ drinks in stained mugs is pretty much a major no-no for any good host.

Here are our tips for dealing with tea stains in cups or mugs, as well as an explanation for why tea causes stains on your mugs.

We’re recommended this Teaware Washing Particles, to keep your teaware fresh without brushing it!

It has individual packaging design to avoids waste.

15g per pack, can wash about 5-7 pieces of utensils, 15pack per box, enough to use for a long period.

The deep brown, or black color of tea makes it one of the worst offenders for staining – it will stain practically everything it can. In some parts of the world, tea and coffee is even used as a dye for clothing. So, why is removing tea stains from cups notoriously difficult to do?Simple!

Just pour in the Teaware Washing Particles and add hot water above 70°C to release and decompose the dirt and impurities in the utensils. After a few minutes, the utensils are clean as new.

Try not to cover the lid during use, and do not use this product to clean gold and silver jewelry.

Product Specification

Brand name:



15packs per box, 15g per pack


Active oxygen particles

Suitable for:

Clay, ceramics, stone, glass, plastic types of utensils

Shelf life:

3 years


Free you hands to clean the utensils, Quick cleaning, Easy to use, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Natural ingredient

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    Kah Yee
    Now my tumbler is very clean now, satisfied!
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