The Christmas Deer Music Box

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At this time of year, the Christmas atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger.

Whether on the street or in the shop, Christmas decorations are everywhere

Christmas tree full of presents, mysterious Santa Claus, and cute little reindeer…

Last Christmas, a new music box in the shape of a reindeer was introduced. The cute design matched with the Christmas song “Jingle Bells”, which is very popular.

This year, this lovely music box has undergone an upgrade:

When playing music, the deer can rotate all over, creating a warm and romantic Christmas atmosphere, and the winding is more labor-saving and smooth.

The small and exquisite shape brings great joy. It is suitable for sending friends and self.

The shape of the music box is inspired by Santa’s reindeer-“Rudolph the Red Nose”.

It is the only reindeer with a big red nose in the world.

Santa Claus and Red Nose Rudolph (picture from the Internet)

Legend has it that there was a year of Christmas when dense fog enveloped the earth.

Santa Claus couldn’t see the ground at all, let alone find the chimneys of every house.

At this time, Rudolph appeared. Its red nose penetrated the dense fog like a lighthouse, helping Santa find every chimney and perfectly saving Christmas that year.

Since then, the red nosed Rudolph has become a Christmas star, much loved by people.

The music box simplifies the shape of the reindeer, only using the red nose and antlers to highlight the image, which will not appear naive, but also in line with modern aesthetics.

The warm and jumping Christmas red color scheme can also add a joyful holiday atmosphere.

The design of antlers is also very practical and can accommodate small jewelry such as rings.

Whether you put it on the bedside, desk or entrance, it looks great.

The main body of the music box is made of German Bavarian alpine beech wood, which is delicate and moist and has a great texture.

Note: Because the product is made of all solid wood, a very small number of music boxes may have natural color differences, tree scars, mineral lines, and special patterns.

The Japanese Sankyo movement is used internally, and the music played is of clear sound quality and clear tone.

And it is very durable, with a life span of 3 to 5 years.

Note: Japan’s Sankyo is a world-renowned music box brand, with internationally advanced production equipment and professional technical personnel. Strong production and R&D strength, pure and perfect sound quality, and more durable movement.

The above picture has been accelerated

To wind the music box, just rotate the bottom red disc counterclockwise.

In the full state, the classic Christmas song “Jingle Bells” can be played for about 2 to 3 minutes.

It is very small and can be held with one hand.

The bottom is 6.8 cm in diameter, 9.5 cm in height, and 174 grams in net weight, which is almost the weight of a small apple.

Red gift box packaging is also very suitable for sending family and friends.

The Christmas Deer Music Box comes from the emerging domestic designer brand- (KAWOO), which was founded by cutting-edge designers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The work of KAWOO Design combines carpenter craftsmanship and modern design.

The wood of each object has been carefully selected and tediously polished, with outstanding texture and gloss.

Product Specification

Product size:

6.8cm × 6.8cm × 9.5cm




German Beech


Jingle Bells


3 minutes (when the clockwork is full)

Movement brand:

Japanese brand Sankyo (Sankyo Seiki)


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