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Leaning on it, the waist will be firmly supported, super comfortable, and particularly breathable, it is recommended to you.

The design is quite simple, and the inner core is really different!

This white flowery core, like a big gummy candy, is the essence of comfort.

It feels very soft, and rebounds one second after pressing.

The support is really good, and it will decompress if you rely on it.

The mesh gap is very large,  and the inside is all airy.

Through the inner core, the airflow of the fan is not blocked

This gives it super breathability and its strength is visible to the naked eye.

The weather is getting hot, so don’t be afraid of sweating by it.

(The fabric is also very breathable and antibacterial, which will be introduced later.)

Ventilation is not a problem, it can flow through water and is easy to take care of.

Such a hollow structure is not easy to accumulate dirt, even if it is dirty, it can be washed and dried directly, which saves trouble and more hygienic.

Most chairs that can sit comfortably are ergonomically designed.

The shape of the waist is also a bit interesting.

The shape fits the curve of the human body very well, and the lumbar spine is cushioned firmly.

It seems that there are hands holding your waist, so sitting for long hours will not easy to get tired.

There are many places that can be used, besides the office chair, the editor put one on the sofa to fill this empty triangle (marked in red on the right).

There is a strong support behind the waist, so that it will not be sore after getting up, and it will be more comfortable.

High resilience inner core, not easy to deform after long time use.

Japan imported material “air fiber”

The material of the inner core is a kind of ultra-fine polypropylene fiber, the raw material is imported from Japan, there is an alias of “air fiber”.

The name is also quite vivid, hollowed out like this, it is indeed full of “airy”.

The fibers are entangled in filaments to form a solid structure.

In addition, polypropylene itself has a certain degree of hardness, which can provide stable support.

The shape stability is also confirmed by experimental data.

The inner core has been tested in Japan.

Taking the sample in column ② as an example, after 80,000 extrusions, the thickness is only reduced by 5.9%, which is still high elasticity.

Not easy to deform, very durable.

The fiber is not too densely wound, so it can maintain the right softness and breathability.

In summer, you can just take out the inner core and use it, it will be cooler.

The inner core is so airy, I thought that putting a cover over it would affect the ventilation, but it doesn’t.

Because the fabric structure of the cover is quite special.

The outer layer is knitted polyester fabric, which is very soft and does not block air circulation.

The inner lining has a layer of large mesh fabric, and the breathability does not need to be said, you can feel it by looking at the picture.

The overall ductility of the fabric is good and it can adapt to the deformation of the inner core well.

The toughness is also strong.

After being tossed in this way, it rebounds back to its original shape in one second, intact and very durable.

When cleaning, open the zipper on the back, and the inner core can be taken out and washed directly.

The stretchable length range of one side is 21~30cm.

There are elastic straps on the back to fix the waist position.

The size reference is shown in the figure.

Product Specification

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Cloth cover – 100% polyester fiber

Filling – 100% polypropylene fiber

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