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Recommend a small object that enhances the comfort of the toilet – Toilet Seat Cushion, from the Japan brand “Inwejia”.

Paste it on the toilet seat to reduce the cooling sensation, and no longer be afraid of sitting on the “ice toilet seat”. It is especially needed when it is cold.

The side that touches the skin is coral fleece texture, delicate and soft, comfortable to the touch, and very warm.

Adhesive design, easy to attach or remove.

The back is made of electrostatic glue, so there will be no glue marks on the toilet lid after a long time.

Can be reused, the entire seat cushion can be washed.

If it is properly cleaned and maintained, it can last for three months, especially after use.

Three colors are available, from left: beige, gray, brown.

It is recommended to buy a few more pairs, it is easy to replace and use.

Most toilet bowl types (sitting) on ​​the market are basically suitable.

It does not contain formaldehyde, can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, and can be used with confidence.

There is a circle of seaming around, which is neat and beautiful, and makes it more durable.

Before use, wipe clean the dust and dirt on the toilet seat and toilet surface.

Tear off the transparent sheet on the back and stick it to the corresponding position on the toilet seat.

After attaching, press the toilet pad to make it firmly attached to the toilet seat.

The package diagram shows a pair.

Product Specification

Brand name:



1 pair

Product size:



Coral fleece – 100% polyester

Sponge – 100% polyurethane

Electrostatic glue – 100% PVC

Product weight:


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    Say Heng
    Very comfortable, simple design :)
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