Very Practical Emery Sponge (6 Packs)

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Japanese brand, 6 packs, double-sided high-elastic sponge, durable and not hurting hands, easy to clean stains in different scenes

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Do you still use scouring pads for stubborn stains on the bowls and kitchen utensils at home?

If you want a handy and practical kitchen cleaning gadget, I recommend it for you to test and use.

Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen can be cleaned, polished, rusty, and stubborn stains.

This super easy-to-use emery sponge comes from the Japanese brand “Worldlife”.

There are 6 pieces in a box, so it will not hurt your hands.

Large x 1pc: 10cm×8.7cm×2.5cm

Medium x2pcs: 5cm×8.7cm×2.5cm

Small x3pcs: 3.5cm×8.7cm×2.5cm

Note: Due to different measurement methods, there may be errors, and the actual product shall prevail.

Three sizes, easily cope with different scenarios.

Large size is suitable for wiping the bottom of the pot.


The large size suitable to rub the grater.


The medium size is suitable for sharpening kitchen knives.


The medium size is suitable for cleaning the stove top.


The medium size is suitable for hoods.


The small size is suitable for wiping the faucet.


The small size is suitable for cleaning dishes and pots.


The oblique angle design makes it easier to clean the dead corners of the groove.


The two pinch areas are sponges to protect your hands safely.

Alumina emery particles can effectively remove dirt.

The inner high-elastic sponge, fast rebound and not easy to break, very durable.

The thickness is close to 2.4cm, strong and durable.

It can be cut and used at will, economical and reduce waste.

Effect comparison before and after actual use


The cleanliness index, decontamination index, and durability index are all five stars.

Good things are not to be missed, so hurry up!

Product Specification

Product size:

Large: 10cm×8.7cm×2.5cm×1 piece
Medium: 5cm×8.7cm×2.5cm×2 pieces
Small: 3.5cm×8.7cm×2.5cm×3 pieces




Alumina emery, sponge



Brand name:


What’s inside the box:

Large size × 1 , medium size × 2 , small size × 3


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