Voja Grain Box


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Keep it dry & fresh

Ideally, try storing your cereal in a cool, dry location to maximize shelf life

Voja Grain Box 5 - Sneapy


Double mouthed design allow you to keep 2 types of grains

Voja Grain Box 6 - Sneapy

2.5L High volume of storage

Remove the clapboard in the middle on the box able to store up to 4kg rice

Voja Grain Box 7 - Sneapy

TPU Sealed cover

To get rid of weevils easily

Voja Grain Box 8 - Sneapy

PP Material

To prevent corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement

Voja Grain Box 9 - Sneapy

Transparent body

Easy to observe the remaining volume, and top up at anytime

Voja Grain Box 10 - Sneapy

TPU material cover

Flexible & durable

Voja Grain Box 11 - Sneapy

Product Specification

Product size:

23.5cm * 20.2cm * 9.4cm

Product weight:





Keep grains in dry & fresh

Voja Grain Box 12 - SneapyVoja Grain Box 13 - Sneapy


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