Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

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10 tablets/box, concentrated active oxygen particles, highly effective antibacterial and deodorizing, no damage to clothing, compact and easy to store

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The washing machine is a household appliance we use every day to help us clean our clothes, but have you cleaned it well?

I recommend this washing machine sterilizing and cleaning effervescent tablet, from the Japanese household brand “Worldlife”.

This Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet is phosphorus-free and environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, gentle maintenance, and does not damage clothes and washing machines.

One piece is about 15g, which is equivalent to 3 caps (150g) of ordinary pellets.

Note: The results of the brand experiment will cause errors due to factors such as temperature and water quality, which are for reference only.


It is concentrated active oxygen particles, added with active enzymes to promote the loosening of stains. After testing in a laboratory environment, the sterilization rate of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans reached 99%.

It can produce ample foam, quickly penetrate, and inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold.

Whether it is a top loading washer, or a front loading washer, or an old-fashioned washing machine, it can be used without any restrictions. After use, it will leave a light fragrance.

This time we are offering 3 boxes value pack, each box contains 10 pieces, which is very suitable for daily stocking, compact and easy to store.

The normal cleaning and disinfection frequency of washing machines is twice a month, and it can be increased to once a week during the rainy season.

Put the product in the washing machine, fill with water to high water level, run for 15 minutes, soak for 2~3 hours, remove the stains, and then start the self-cleaning program (washing-rinsing-dehydration).

Product Specification



Product size:

80mm × 50mm × 85mm

Product weight:



Peroxidase, surfactant, sodium chloride carbonate


10 pieces/box


Easy to use, eco-friendly, no damage to clothing & washing machine, small & easy to store, save cost

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