Wireless Waist Cushion Massager

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Always having a backache after a long day work?

Going to the reflexology every day is too expensive. Fortunately, there is a good thing that can massage full body.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 12 - Sneapy

Introducing Wireless Waist Cushion Massager

It can massage your neck, abdomen, waist, and calves, and it can provide you with comfortable massage for the sore and swollen muscles of office workers.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 13 - Sneapy

IF Design Award

Its excellent design has earned it the German iF Design Award known as the “Oscar Award for Product Design”.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 14 - Sneapy

This massager can massage, can heat, especially suitable for cold weather use

More importantly, it is wireless and does not need to be plugged in when using it, which gives it more use: it can be used in homes, offices, gyms, cars, and airplanes.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 15 - Sneapy

Every one minute, it will automatically switch clockwise and counterclockwise massage, every 15 minutes, automatically stop.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 16 - Sneapy

Built-in PTC heating sheet (an automatic constant temperature, power-saving heating sheet), can maintain the heating temperature at about 40 ℃ that the human body feels comfortable, with kneading massage, more comfortable.

The heating temperature is just right, the temperature of the massager can be felt across the clothes, and it is very warm and comfortable.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 17 - Sneapy

You can control the strength by yourself. For example, when you massage the waist, if you want more strength, you can stick it tightly. If you want less strength, you need to loosen it.

Use it to knead for 15 minutes before going to bed every day.

You will feels very comfortable & relax to fall asleep.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 18 - Sneapy

Put the calf on it and massage it, the strength and heat are just perfect right, your muscles will relax very much soon.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 19 - Sneapy

You can also do this, like holding a warm water bag, hold it in your arms and let it knead your little belly.

This can also indirectly promote digestion and help to lose weight.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 20 - Sneapy

There is also an intimate pocket design on the front of the massager, which makes it more comfortable and tight to hold when massaging the abdomen.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 21 - Sneapy

You can also go beyond traditional massage methods, like this, massage while walking.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 22 - Sneapy

One-touch switch, the step is extremely simple and convenient.

Long press on / off, the default is to massage and heat while booting; short press to continue the massage and stop the heating function.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 23 - Sneapy

The upper fabric of the massage head is made of air cotton, which is very skin-friendly and wear-resistant.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 24 - Sneapy

The front is made of cotton and linen, soft and breathable, and it feels very comfortable to touch.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 25 - Sneapy

The location of the charging port is hidden above the power button.

The Type-C charging port is designed. The package contains a 1.5-meter long Type-C charging cable. Using the fast charging adapter, it can be fully charged in 4 hours, 15 minutes per day, and 4 days of continuous use.

Note: It takes 10 hours for the ordinary charging adapter (5V-2A) to be fully charged.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 26 - Sneapy

A waist massage can be used by the whole family, and it is small and portable, it is a good product for home and travel.

Office workers need to use it to massage and relax their bodies during the day’s work.

When the child is growing up, the neck and waist will be sore for a long time, which will also affect the body’s development, and it is necessary to use it to massage in moderation.

Older people have a harder body, use it to knead every day, the body is more comfortable.

Wireless Waist Cushion Massager 27 - Sneapy

Product Specification



Product model:


Product size:

310mm × 210mm × 127mm

Product weight:




Battery capacity:


Battery type:

Lithium battery

Charging time:

Fast charge – 4 hours

Normal charge – around 10 hours

Charging type:


Usage time:

1.5 hours


Wireless Waist Cushion Massager × 1, manual book × 1, Type-c cable × 1

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    Wireless Waist Cushion Massager photo review
    Very comfortable massage, nice product & service
    Wireless Waist Cushion Massager photo review
    Yong Hengyi
    Comfortable , easy to use, just love it!
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